What the difference between the 3 tiers of animal pens?

There are 3 tiers of animal pens. Is there a reason I should go for the higher one instead of keeping the ones I have now? tks guys

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Only their hitpoints.


From memory It was supposed to seperate the different mount types for taming etc, but that never got implimented … along with lots of other things that get left on the Funcom Todo list…

Good news is we have a DLC… bad news is…none of the problems of the previous DLC’s were fixed ergo …these sorts of problems and added confusion to the game.

Product Management is hard.

So if I see it correctly it was really made for PvP so it would be more difficult to destroy. Ok tks

Originally it was made for lower tier pets to higher tier, but that seems to have gone out the window. So yes, now its all about HP.

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