What the hell is xx_Moulding_Table?

Game mode: Any
Type of issue: Availability
Server type: Any
Region: Any

I can’t seem to find where to craft this.


It’s the bench where you make glass flasks. The casting bench?

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Try the Tinker’s Bench.

Yes, it is indeed called casting bench.

Hey @SirDaveWolf

Is there any missing localization for the casting bench?
If so, we’ll relay this info to our team so they can look into it.

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I had the exact same issue. I don’t know what you mean by missing localization if you aren’t referring to the xx_Moulding_Table referent in the picture. Could you dumb it down for me a bit / explain what you meant by “missing localization”?

The benches are there, its just that some items have this xx_NameOf_Table in their description. My game is on german, and these xx_tables show up only in english.

So far it appears for following benches similar to the screenshot up here:
-Tanner’s Bench: xx_Tanners_Table
-Casting Table: xx_Moulding_Table
-Alchemist Table: xx_Alchemy_Bench
-Dye table : xx_Dyeing_Vat
-Tinkers Table: xx_Tinkers_Table

All the other tables show up correctly.


I am seeing the same xx_name of bench in the tooltips and my client is in english.

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