Casting Table Bug: Glass Flask Crafting

Game mode: [(Online official | Online private | Single-player | Co-op)]
Type of issue: [Bug ]
Server type: [ PvP | PvE-Conflict | PvE ]
Region: [EU ]
Hardware: [Series X]

Bug Description:

When attempting to craft a batch of glass flasks you can only craft one at a time.

Expected Behaviour:

Fill the bench with 300 glass and one mold, press Y to craft all of them into flasks.

Steps to Reproduce:

Put 300 glass into the crafting bench
Put one mold into the crafting bench
Press Y to craft the glass into 100 flasks, you can’t.

This was also reported on the PC in Dec 2020, was commented to be fixed in the 2.3 update unless there were unforeseen circumstances.

I confirm, I struggled again yesterday night trying to craft gold coins (on PC)…
At this stage it didn’t even surprise me anymore. But in truth this should really be fixed by now!

I can’t fathom the logic really, especially if it is also an issue with coins as well. The Casting bench does not require fuel like the smelter so why are we crafting them in there? I understand the logic of reducing the recipes at workbenches by creating new ones but the smelter did not have any recipes, you put the resource to craft and the mold in it and they were crafted, to make dyes now it takes a lot more steps to craft and even more if you do not have a medicine man or alchemist.

U just need more molds
If u have 100 molds in table, it casts 100 per time, if u have 20 it crafts 20 per time, so invest at the step u wanna craft with 1click and put the corresponding molds in there. Same counts for coins as well…

Tried clicking Y twice?

Do you think it’s a design choice and not a bug then?

Hmm, clicked Y twice with 1000 glass and 1 glass mold. Zero issues, 300+ glass flasks crafting as intended. Double clicking Y to craft stacks possibly implemented as a safety feature. Some people do on occasion only want to craft 1 item, but have hit the wrong button by accident.

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possibly… tbh i find it useless to craft glass flasks… i use crystal as sole crystal or for salt… only occassionally crafting flasks when i am absolutelly bored and this is made from glass i happen to have looted…
in both maps there is the vendor flintskin… he exchanges 1 silver coin for 10 glass flasks… so harvesting and creating coins in order to buy flasks is what i do ( a casual visit to the nodes or grey lands in siptah and one visit in silver mine in exiled lands is more than enough to get the silver u need to have more glass flasks than u need XD…

but i have found the workaround with extra molds , so this also works for me (cause who wanna spend his time crafting glass flasks one by one ??? XD

Well if you spam click, sometimes it will work…
I like to have a chest full of dyes, another full of purified water and one full of gas orbs :wink: so for me it is annoying…

Not to mention my 100s of gold bars that I want to turn into coins! But yeah I think I’ll just craft 100 molds after all, just to not have to bother anymore.

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The logic behind it is that the bench thinks the mold is a consumable… even though it’s not.
So in the bench algorithm, either someone forgot to code something like “if object.consumable==true”, or even worse, the objects don’t have a “consumable” property in the bench, or even worse, they have one but someone mixed it up with another property with the same name that means something completely different :slight_smile:
In any case, it really should have been picked up by now. Maybe we can ask @AndyB if he can give a status update?

That is not really an ideal solution, you only ever needed one mold per smelter before the casting table, it worked really well for both coins and flasks, with the current change in the process there are a lot more steps to craft the end item you require and with your suggestion even more as a chest would be needed to keep all the molds in.

You miss my point, I do not understand why the crafting of flasks and coins were moved from the smelters, they did not require recipes just knowledge of what to put in to get the end result, I totally understand what you mean that someone has possibly made a mistake with the coding side of things though, making hundreds of molds is not the way to go, would end up taking far to much space in the inventory of the casting table, it needs fixing.

Or you can craft 1 mold and click Y twice to create your desired stack. You do not need 20 glass molds or coin molds cluttering up the casting table inventory.

Well it may not be the ideal solution but it is a good , cheap workaround that will do. I personally remember also when in furnace bars were smelting to coins and then coins back to bars, which was way worse than as it is now (and there was no silvermine back then)…

As for flasks i never craft em… way easier is to buy em… it is one of the cheapest and best things to trade ur silver for…

Aaaaaaaaaaah… that.
Well someone in funcom decided it would be fun to make additional benches, and bigger versions of the existing ones. Probably they had incentive to add a layer of complexity to crafting, or to make players have bigger bases. I dunno.
These tables have been here for long time now on PC. We had that fight last year. Looks like they’re here to stay, sorry!

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Which slave can be put on the founder table? the founder cannot.

I don’t think anyone can be placed

What is that? Casting table uses a blacksmith.

Or an armorer

It’s up to the translator, thank you.


Can you please look into this issue? Great we now have 30 new colours of dye to work with but not so great that we can’t craft more than one flask at a time.