The foundry bench does not want to make more than one glass flask at a time

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The foundry bench does not want to make more than one glass flask at a time, so that it makes a large number of them, you have to turn the creation on and off many times before the creation of the entire number of flasks begins. Also, taking one created flask often disables the entire process, and you have to repeat all this “magic” again.

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I think you speak about the casting table.
Just went to mine for verification, and it looks to me that you need now 1 mold, and 1 iron bar to make a flask. Making one destroy the mold, and you have to make so many molds you want flasks, same for jewellery.

Casting table has been buggy since it was released. this issue has been reported before. the only workaround i’ve found is to repeatedly spam the craft all button until the crafting accepts more than one at a time.
I’ve never had it destroy the mold, btw. crafted 180 glass flasks last night. still had the single mold afterwards.
PC, private server.

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Not what i experienced yesterday.
Made glass flasks in testlive, where the molds still remained, so i wanted check it for sure.

Singleplayer, no mods, all my molds are one use, and have to be remade for each flask, earrings, bracelets, or whatever.

May be a bug, or a new desired feature, no clue for that.

Would need confirmation about some change @Community

Thanks !

Hey all,

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention. We’ve sent it to our team to confirm if it is an issue or an intended feature.


I’ve just tested this on Live Rev. #289263/29107 (server - no mods), it works as before for me with a single mold, press to craft one and then queue the rest (the mold is not consumed).

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Not looking for any workaround, just spotted the difference between my testlive and the recent version.

Testlive it worked like intended, or like still, then i have read the report and tested.

I am not offering a workaround, just saying that I see no changes between 2.3 Live and 2.4 Live. It works the exact same way for me on an unmodded server. No molds are consumed and you still need to queue the flasks after you start the first craft.

Like said, tested it in singleplayer, no mods.

Some behaviors change between server and SP, may be one of those.
Had no real need for flasks these days, so just saw it while testing. :woman_shrugging:

I have just tested in SP, no mods. The molds are not getting consumed in my SP game (live version). I can still craft as many flasks as I want with a single mold as long as I queue them after starting the 1st craft. It if is an issue, then it doesn’t affect all.

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Like often. :thinking:
Will try with an other new DB, a new char, just one more. :sweat_smile:

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Hey there,

Quick update to confirm that we found a bug that confirms this report. It has a repro rate of 3/5 so it might not affect everyone, but it’s there.
We’re looking into it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention :slight_smile:


Thanks Ignasis for the quick feedback, still good to know.

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