What were they doing when they deleted Lasting Feasts?

I am just wondering what they were to be doing that resulted in Lasting Feasts being completely deleted. The feat is still there. It’s sitting on the stove, but you can’t make it, and all of the meals in storage are gone.

This is troubling on a few levels. One, it’s not like that would be an area in need of fixing. Two, if something like this can happen to an easily replaced item, what do we do when something less easily replaced, say, Swords of the Adventurer, are removed by accident? I know in that case I’d have several unarmed thralls.

It’s bad enough that this meal in particular is gone, as it is the longest decay time, best food/water combo available.


Hi @speedice

I don’t think I can provide an answer on why this happened (i don’t have the knowledge), but I can assure you that our development team is currently looking into this issue.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



The religious feasts such as Feast of set, are actually better. They provide 100 hunger, 80 thirst, and 17HP/Sec. Opposed to the 80 hunger, 36 thirst, and 13HP/sec healing provided by lasting feasts.

However, ironically the lasting feast is supposed to last… I hope they solve this issue soon.

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I was not including any of the “God” feasts because they require an excess of ingredients, making them not as practical.


Better if you have it…

Lasting Meal was easy to get with no investment outside base cooking. Pretty much my go to for my Crom character. And recipe book is easy to nab. (always up there anyway farming iron on my path)

Yeah , but some of us may had a couple of fridges already filled with lasting feasts…

I have the same issue…glad to know that they r looking into it…

If I had to guess what they were doing, they were deleting lasting feasts.




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