What would happen and would it help if developers divided all in-game currency with X?


  • Would it help the in-game inflation or at least make credits easier to manage if the devs divided everything by say a 1000 credits? So 1,000,000,000 → 1,000,000 for everyone? What would the consequences be?

  • Or could they make a Credit Card looking item that is non-dupeable that costs 999,999,999 in-game credits and can be bought or cashed in when needed?

EDITED: Removed stupidity, I hope.

kind of like what RS did with platinum tokens. 1k gold = 1 platinum token, this was made so that players could trade the currency with values above max cash in one transaction. The obvious difference between RS and AO is that AO is completely insecure when it comes to detecting and preventing dupes. Very few players these days are going around selling blood plasma or crafted filigrees to shops. The inflation today is pretty much solely due to credit sellers who dupe items and credits to sell to players for real world currencies or trade for grace. First you have to plug the gaping leaks before you start taking measures to bail out the boat.

tl;dr the money printer is in the hands of criminals (just like real life) and the only way to fix inflation is to take it away from them somehow (just like real life)


I didn’t think of that at all. So it wouldn’t really help if they divided all the currency by a thousand because people would dupe high value items to sell to the shops to make more credits and the problem would just start again? Sigh.

I see no negative consequences from doing that . Asked several times for a creds squish already.

You can already do that. Make a froob character to hold the creds :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! Would be more convenient to have an item in your backpack than having to transfer credits from a character that was created just to hold credits? :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

make item “Bar of gold pressed notum”.
buy from shop value 1b sell to shop value 1b.

They would have to fix the exploits and dupes first, after they fix that they would need to wipe the economy completely.

I highly doubt we’ll see a fix as such so it would just be better at this point for FC to embrace that this is the fact of the game and just remove the credit limits that are in place on both character and GMI.

If there’s a 1 billion credit limit, how are people selling items like Grid Armor MK 1 for 2 billion credits in the shops?

GMI can hold 4B or so from my last current information but you can’t use the gmi unless you offload it down to 1b. So you need multiple holder toons to contain 1b each.
So load 1b on toon and log froob mule and trade 1b and repeat.

Ah okay, I see now.