When do you release a new patch?

Why does it take a month for a new patch? If this goes on like that it will be out of Beta 2022

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Trust me on this: You don’t want patches to be pushed out prematurely. Has happened a few times, results were… not great.


Then end up like that one time they rush out the mother load patch almost literally broke everything? No just no, sure they manage to fix few of the problem but then last patch broke the corner stair.


The fact is that they never do ‘patches’ to fix bugs. What they do is dump buggy new content, and maybe if they have something ready they might fix a but on that patch. Their normal modis operandi is to simply ignore bugs.


While I would not go that far, they are doing bug fixes and adding new stuff, but I agree they are not doing it with the right priority. Let’s wait and see how this patch will turn out first, they know what they have been doing wrong in the past, let’s wait and see if they have learned anything from it. As @Mikey mentioned, the past patches have been rushed with horrible consequences, so let it mature in testlive and go to testlive if you want to test it out, you will clearly see it is not ready yet.

Let us hope you are correct. My group and I really enjoy the game.

In Joel’s recent interview with Firespark, he said that improving the QA part of patches was a shifted focus and thus they slowed the release times on patches purposely. In Funcom’s recent Financial Presentation, they said that stability was important and that improved stability is what they felt would bring back players, keep players playing, and interest new players in investing into the game.

Essentially, to all those feeling inpatient, be patient, it’ll come.

Joel’s interview was extremely open and transparent. Sounds like you either didn’t watch it, or chose to believe he just lied through it all. He went over your complaints directly. There are 2 different sources I provided in my post, one talking to their INVESTORS about how improving the stability to the game was paramount to the future success of Conan Exiles. THAT MEANS BUG FIXES. Joel, in his interview, said one whole coder was working on the pet updates, the rest of the ENTIRE TEAM OF CODERS, is working on bug fixes.

If you choose to believe it’s all a lie, that’s your mistake to make. I’ll go with the evidence, thanks.

I think you and @Multigun have fair points in this as my two cents in this, is that I have been noticing a difference in how they work and communicate recently as it feels so familiar to that of those who are trying to put their effort into fixing their mistakes.

The thing is I want to wait and see where this new update will go to see if they learned from their mistakes as one way from the sounds of things that would make others happy would be if they show they can fix the broken mechanics as well that can stay fixed to go along with that update, as to me it might be the start of a long road to winning back their players trust as like you said players can be very forgiving.

As I was also there when the MOAP got rushed ((was on the sidelines as didn`t have an account at the time)) and lets say I seen a lot during it.

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It’s hard to know what’s really going on behind closed doors. Things certainly look a bit unruly from the comfy view of an armchair developer, yet running a business can be full of unexpected challenges - never mind something as complex as video game development - so I can’t really say whether funcom have performed well or poorly under the technical circumstances that arose during the development of the game.

Developers will naturally try to put a positive face on things. I do believe them when they say they are working hard on bug-fixing, as they have every incentive to do so. Sales, reputation, not wasting the financial potential of a popular game… Joel also gives the impression of genuinely caring about the game he envisioned and brought to life.

It’s their competence and management performance that is very difficult to assess unless you’re an insider. And even then, I’m sure that dev teams have been able to pull the wool over the eyes of their publishers from time to time. Some games are obviously mismanaged/poorly developed, but this isn’t one of those.

At the end of the day, action speaks louder than words. If funcom does keep improving the game, both in terms of content to fulfil their initial vision and polish to squash the worst of the bugs, players will forget about their previous frustrations soon enough. We just want everything to be working! STAT!

If they do take this game to the place it deserves to get to, I’ll certainly remember funcom for it, as will anyone who genuinely cares about the game. Because it’s an awesome game, it just needs polishing and some fleshing out to live up to its huge potential.

As far as the question regarding release date goes I would follow the news about the TestLive build.
I would not expect them to release a separate patch other what they have cooking in TestLive, same goes for the addressed bug, also here you might have good reference when checking the fixes in the TestLive build.

About the general topic of bugfixes, I do agree with the ones here stating the patches were, let us say, not optimal.
I also wonder were the rest of the 500 bugfix went, either they just exaggerated the number for it to sound relevant or they were not listing all the bugs because some might be just moving a tree by an inch or so.
But this discussion is moot since numbers do not matter for me anyway, especially at this stage.
Sure I would be inpatient should I get used to their fixes to work and they just solve on problem every two weeks but for good.

I prefer quality over quantity and to be honest quality was lately not nearly to the standard I expect from a bugfix to uphold.
Despite that I am still hopeful FUNCOM is able to turn the ship around and despite understanding not all of their team is working on Bugfixes, I would still hold on releasing new content.

It meanwhile really hits a nerve of mine to read content, content, content (fortunatelly that changed with the latest news to TestLive and the Community Newsletter) but still many here in the forums cry for new content like pets, magic and mounts, dear how many want mounts despite it was stated several times that it will not come at all.

I digress: My point being I rather have small and effective patches really fixing bugs than any new kind of new content is it free or DLC I do not care, I want to play the features they promised me to be in the game.

Not saying they should send all other employees to go on holidays.
I believe them when they say all coders, except one, are working on fixes, thing is (until recently) their communication let us believe the total opposite, all about perception I guess.


And yet in that interview Joel had with Firespark he mentioned that mounts were still a possibility if they could find a way to make it work, and something he really wanted to add (obviously it would be huge draw for the game and would result in more sales/player numbers). So what’s going on?

I empathise with the frustration about content being added while many of the game’s key features still aren’t smoothed out. Ideally we’d get both new stuff and polish, though we can only judge funcom on their performance to-date, which isn’t encouraging as to whether they can add stuff without detriment to bug-stability.

Something to consider though, is that new content usually means more money, so the incentive for funcom is huge. Income can also pay for future polish and determine how much love the game gets once the new content phase of a game is complete.

Funcom is clearly trying to balance attracting players (both new & old) and keeping players but I don’t know what their plans are. Maybe their roadmap includes several DLC and even an expansion, and they’re prepared to take a hit to bug-stability before devoting solely to stability.

As long as they are committed to fixing the glaring problems (and actually DO eventually fix them) then I’m personally not bothered, as I’d rather have an amazing game a bit later than a perfectly smooth game right now. Bugs can come and go, but an awesome game is awesome forever and you can go back to it for years.

No clue as to what will happen with this game though…

Let us face it FUNCOM is a company and as such they want to earn money, nothing wrong with that at all.
The question I ask myself is how long they will keep the new gained players playing the game after they initially bought it.
Sure many will move on to other games eventually, that is a natural process, but when it comes to re-playability and the famous word-of-mouth than this comes together with how stable the game is running AND if the promised content is playable.

When it comes to the later I can clearly say, and that goes for 3 of my friends too, that we cannot enjoy all the content currently in the game.

A smooth game experience is minor compared to someone enjoying the game experience, I did enjoy it quite a while but after reaching endgame without purges and the attached legendary weapons kits, I cannot enjoy the one thing you get level 60 for, using legendary weapons.

No amount of DLC will help with that, especially since they managed to introduced new bugs with BOTH DLC’s (different bugs nonetheless) and did not yet manage to fix those already, maybe not even by the time the next DLC comes up.

Who is going to buy that? People who want to support the game, as I did with the last two DLC’s, people playing the game not the ones intitially paying and then moving on, that is no sustainable business since it is just a temporary cash-infusion.

Sure they will be able to show of with their sales numbers and calm their investors but how many will just buy the next game they are releasing?

It is all about perception, and yes my perception shifted a bit since the community managers talk more open about bugs and changes than just content.

I agree that just very few games to not have big bugs or some you do not really notice.
I myself am confident they will fix the bugs somewhen and you are right, this game is something to come back later since it is good fun, one of the reasons I am invested in these forums.

The question is how many of your friends will you manage to join you, especially when the stopped with the current track-record in terms of bugfixing, talking from MOAP.

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