When does the cheating end?

Once again it comes back to this, the last I played Conan before my current stint was early 2020 and at the time I stopped because of exploiters running rampant on the official pvp servers, fast forward to 2021 and nothing has changed, in fact, some of the exploits have gotten worse.

I’ve tried reporting to Ignasis and Hugo in the past and received the normal " thanks for reporting, we’ll look into it " needless to say nothing happened, the same Russian clan cheating in 2020 were still there a month after the report in numerous undermesh bases, they even had a speed hacker.

Today I’ve seen some improvements, some old meshes being fixed but the new problem now is flying bases and there are active videos on youtube showing people how to make them, when does it end?

I love this game, I love it a lot more than ARK and Rust but Funcom are simply not doing enough quick enough to stem the exploiters in this game, private servers or stop playing should not be our only options.

Why is it so hard to hire people on a voluntary basis to handle moderation of PvP servers and quickly root them out and ban them? There’s not that many active PvP servers, EU side for example has 4-6 active servers.


Hi @Kamos

Please make sure you send a report over on Zendesk so that the team can look into this further.
You can read more about how to send a report here.