When folks assume about everyone else..a dedicated server owner speaks out

I see comments all the time from players who suggest every Dedicated server owner runs a server to make money. Wait what am I doing wrong? I don’t have players showering me with funds. It helps that I Am not begging for money. Because I don’t need funds to run a server. It also helps I am not being charged over 400 a year to host a server. I don’t know what hoster folks are signing up with. But my hoster doesn’t charge anything close to that.
I am running a server not because of money or because of ego. I am running a server because Conan exiles gives me the ability to live out my dreams of running a gaming community. I get to interact with my players help people enjoy the game run events for fun… experience what its like to be a gaming gm. Something I have always wanted to do. I run a server because I know that a server without any admins leads to sheer chaos and horror. I saw a pic of a shot of new asagorth and the spam of vaults all around it and this came from an official server. This does not happen on my server. Because I have rules … Because I have admins who do care and I have players who also care. The community has everything to do with how well my server runs and how much fun it is. Despite no patch this week…I know my server will run well. I know it will be stable. Do I wish I had more people playing? OF course … when the game went live the server had 70 people every day…for a week. The sheer traffic while it was crazy and could be fun eventually did reveal the players who could not handle the action. Who could not handle the active pvp community. Sadly we did have folks rage quit and give up. But I still have fun being an owner and no raging on the forums will change it.


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