When someone dies everybody is kicked from modded server. Why? What to do?

Hello there, I seem to have a weird bug on my modded server. Whenever anyone dies and tries to respawn, every player is kicked out of the server. Form what I see the server still works and the players are just kicked and I don’t know what should I do to adress this.

Almost all of the mods I use are updated to 3.0 (at least they are described as such). Those that are not, I checked in comments to see if other people say that they should work.

I launched the server before 3.0. I also added and removed some mods after the update. Could it be that the files are corrupted?

I know it’s modded server and all but I don’t really wanna start over and I was wondering if there are some server logs that I could look into to trace why this keeps happening?

You disable the mod that is causing the issue.

Sorry to be vague, but you didn’t post a modlist.

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This is my modlist:

  1. Aquilonian Females
  2. Barbarian Barber
  3. People of Hyboria
  4. Advanced Gliders
  5. Warrior Mutator
  6. Emberlight
  7. Beyond Decor: Rustic Edition
  8. Ravencrest Couriers
  9. Devious Desires
  10. High Heels System
  11. Immersive Armor
  12. Fashionist
  13. Improved Quality of Life
  14. Accessory Wardrobe
  15. Less Building Placement Restrictions

I can try to disable half and see if problem persists. Comments on those don’t mention the bug I have so I don’t know with which should I start.
Any hot guesses?

Start by disabling those that have not yet been updated to 3.0, that should narrow down the number of possible culprits.

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