When will the lag be fixed for PS4?

It is only getting worse. Please reply with a date if possible.



Buyer beware… Ps4 video lag can cause game to be unplayable. Both ps4 and ps4 pro. If you move slow and mostly build the game can be fun on ps4. Aside from the lost corpse, toxic players, and buggy purge events.

They have no clue how to fix ps4. You play at your own risk. It may never work well on this system.


It is possible that It might be fixed with the upcoming parity patch, which has been delayed due to issues with Sony’s certification process not allowing the release of the patch at the size it was when submitted, no date has been given for it due to this delay.

As I was sat on my throne in hell I noticed it getting colder, I thought “Is hell freezing over? Does CE now run on PS4” Then I realised an imp had left the window open.


so size does matter? sounds like BS to me, you’re telling me that it’s Sony’s fault it’s delayed, but in fact ALL company’s that provide software to ps4 servers know very well what the release requirements are. it is in the specs… show us the link that states it’s Sony’s fault!

if they don’t say it fixes or addresses a major lag issue this patch then it doesn’t. what happens when you assume? the delay is more likely due to some internal requirements at funcom, but we will never know the truth. the fact that marketing is using the term “parity” for this patch leaves it wide open for interpretation.

with that said, i will not spend another dime with funcom until the ps4 has sound and video synced and combat lag is rare or due to network issues. they can’t just port a pc version of CE to the consoles (and they know that but tried to get away with it anyways).


I am simply relaying information that they have posted, I see you’ve never heard the phrase “Don’t shoot the messenger”, it’s also funny how you call me out for making an assumption, then you go and make one of your own, ever heard of hypocrisy?

Strange how Funcom can never seem to appease “fans”, yet other, larger developers release equally buggy games, such as Bethesda, and they get forgiven after the multitude of patches to fix issues, and Funcom still get hate from so-called fans when they try fix things.

I never assumed they definitely would fix the lag with this upcoming patch, I only guessed, there is a difference, try look it up rather than looking obnoxious.

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When Funcom will reach Bethesda’s level of releasing a bugged game which will not get fixed after ‘a multitude’ of patches, that’ll be the day.

And don’t worry, the lag will never go away from PS4, they couldn’t get rid of it in more than a year of early access on Xbox, what makes you think this console will fare any better? You people never learn…


So you would prefer Funcom to leave game breaking bugs in games and just stop updating them or not update them at all? I will list a few Bethesda games that still have game breaking bugs and what those bugs are.


  1. NPCs required to progress both main and side quests would not spawn, making progress impossible.
  2. If autosave was not disabled, the save file would eventually grow to such a size that the PS3 would simply freeze upon attempting to load it.


  1. Entire populations of villages and cities would not spawn, but their voices would still play and would react to player actions, but the player could not interact with these NPCs as there was no physical entity to interact with.
  2. See Skyrim bug #2
  3. On top of #2, when the save file reached a certain size but was still within the threshold that it would load, the player was subject to frequent texture and lighting bugs that could and would cause the game to freeze.


  1. Cutscenes that would play before a stage transition would not play, making progress impossible, quitting and loading would not fix this due to the game autosaving when said cutscene was meant to play, so your only options were to start over or if you had already cleared the game, quit to main menu and use chapter select.
  2. Button inputs for QTEs would sometimes not register until the player quit to the main menu and re-loaded their save.

So you would prefer Funcom left these sort of bugs in their games? Keep in mind all of the bugs I mentioned are still present to this day, Skyrim and Oblivion were updated multiple times, so those sort of bugs should’ve been patched out, but Wet was only ever patched once, and that was on PS3, and only to add the trophy list.I personally think the bugs currently present in Conan Exiles pale in comparison to these, as none of the bugs I’ve seen mentioned by anyone make progression impossible, yes, some aspects of the game are more difficult/annoying, but the game is still able to be completed without either leaving the session and re-entering it or starting over again.

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I could play a bethesda game for more than 5 minutes without my system crashing. My entire progress was not wiped. My inventory did not vanish. They could build a “Save game” feature that worked. Lag was more than 5FPS. Apart from that CE is bang on the money :slight_smile:


Performance updates in the upcoming Parity patch should help with these issues :slight_smile:


Please, can you update on when the patch is coming? I know there were technical problems, but there was no ETA. I asked in the relevant thread yesterday but no reply. Thanks!

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We’ll definitely let you know as soon as we know more. :slight_smile:


Thing is the lag issue isn’t a problem on every server, just some servers.

I’ll give two examples. 3504 gets hit with the 20 second lag issue where you’re teleporting around during it as are enemies if there are any near you. Get near the wrong enemy when the lag happens, or near a cliff, or near the lava and you’re dead.

3508 has had no lag issues at all when I’ve been on it, except for when you’re in your base running by crafting stations and storage boxes.

So, just like every other bug in this game, some people experience them, some don’t.

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Thanks for your reply! If there is no update by now, but Xbox was patched yesterday, I guess it won’t be happening this week :frowning:

So you’re saying that all games on ps4 have lag and bug issues to the extent that CE does atm. And yet here we are in serious need of this update. Or are u saying all company’s have bugs and address them at the pace CE is on the ps4? Yet here we are and not in the game…

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