When will we be able to play this game without steam?

For people who lives in a country but is not a citizen of that country, or even when you are, but you work through Internet for example, Steam is a nightmare. Your financial institution will not accept being charged in local currency by a store in another country, and Steam will not charge you in local currency if you are not based on that country.

After you might have somehow bought it, each DLC you need is the same nightmare.

When you are in this situation, you might mostly have friends who are in the same situation, like government workers, army, diplomats, etc, tend to like to be together, and not only you but most of your friends have to deal with Steam idiocy. Even Origin is better for it than Steam.

Funcom bought games are simpler, you buy it, you pay it, end of story.

No other Internet store that I know of makes it harder to purchase things than it is to have the money to pay for it.

I have friends who cant play with me in a server because they are PREVENTED from buying Isle of Siptah by Steam, and me and other two are only able to do it because we can ask someone in our home countries to buy it for us and we then play here.

And if you ask, Steam alleages that it is your Financial Institution or payment processor who is preventing it, which is bull, because only Steam that happens.

Have bought in Origin, have bought games straight from publishers, and all goes well. Even Blizzard which is famous for making some “strange fraud prevention”, still have no problems. Steam, almost every single co-worker and family I have here have had problems with it.

Yes they will. Your specific country might disallow that, but that’s not a general problem. I’ve lived in many different countries by now, using Steam for over a decade, and never had an issue paying for my games either with a card issued from my home country (during transitionary periods) or with a locally-issued one.

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That is because what you are saying is not what happens. If you have an account in a country and paying in that country, but you live in another, you dont have a problem.
You story has nothing to do with what I said.

Steam own support says what I said.

If you do a quick search in the Internet for the CORRECT situation I describe, you will see that A LOT of people complain about that.

And not only that specific problem with purchases (you really cannot do purchases in a currency by a store located outside that currency region, eg, be charged in Euros in on your Japanese Credit card by a store in the US. Law does not allow that. If it was “fine”, no one would need Offshore banking for that exact reason).

That in itself is already a problem, but beyond that, there is the problem with restricted regions. Also another problem you can search on Google dozens of forum posts.

As your example has nothing to do with what I said, it does not cover the fact that even if you have the same country in your store you have in your credit card, Steam might refuse to receive a purchase based on the fact that you are not located on EU and US. Something Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania see a lot.

Of course you dont have an issue with your “over a decade”. lol
I dont either if I use my home country credit card in steam from US, EU or my home country.
No one would.

I’m not (clearly, perhaps) not understanding what your situation even is.

Your account is registered in Country A, your card is issued in Country A, but you live in Country B, is that it?

Very straight forward.

Hi there,

I work in a EU bank, you can use visa or mastercard or paypal in every country or currency.

The only restrictions are USA embargo, you are not allowed to made transactions with CRIMEA, CUBA, IRAN, NORTH KOREA, SUDAN, and SYRIA.

Please send :

  • your bank country
  • your citizenship country
  • your living country
  • your steam account country
  • your payment method

We play a space sim form Iceland. Monies are sent in all the time. They are not on steam.

Steam sux period.

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