When will you have the swords from the conan movies in the exiles game?

when will you have the swords from the conan movies in the exiles game?

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I believe that if there are no copyright issues, it would be really cool to have the two iconic swords.

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there are already the sword of conan, ok limited whith the pre order edition physical but maybe tomorow… now that they own the license …


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They already had the license, what they acquired was the intellectual property.

Considering they already had Conan’s Atlantean Sword and all of the other Riddle of Steel movie content, I doubt they couldn’t have added any other movie swords at any time if they had wanted to.


precisely, and that changes a lot, even if we do not know the operating conditions, there has been a lot of solicitation for some time. I am curious to see what it will give.

Also, some armors to go with the helmets we got would be nice.

They could even get around the issue of having already put out the Atlantean sword as an exclusive DLC by including an accurately-scaled one-handed version rather than just repackaging the (cool but) ludicrously oversized previous one.

Actually, they paid for the movie armor and likenesses DLC they release, which is why you cannot die any of the helmets. That was way before they bought up all the IP rights

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