Where are my Crom Coins

On 10/09/2022 I made a purchase for Crom coins through the game. I have both PlayStation receipts in my email and I have my bank statement that the purchase went through. Today is 10/16/2022 and still no Crom Coins. Can some please explain to me what is going on? Why has no one gotten back to me on this and why is there no customer service phone number? This is extremely frustrating that this forum is the only place I have been directed to put in my complaint. I am a very long time player of Conan and being treated like thus is very concerning. This is my second post and I will continue to post until someone reaches out to me. Than you

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Good luck mate, you going to need it. Expect generic post like … open ticket here and there and that’s about it. They don’t give a dime about it. Welcome to “gaming industry”, where no one gives a damn (except paying customers).

Send a ticket