Where are the little Sabertooths

Since the last patch i can´t find sabertooth kittens anymore. I ran through most of the ice area. I need them because they are soo cute! Has anyone seen one lately?

Inside the midnight grove there’s one or two.

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Ah yeah but outside? I got shadebloom from a miniboss, and i don´t particulary like the midnight grove. But i will search the ice again, maybe it was just bad luck.

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Try east of Icespire Chasm (11 G) I’ve found one or two babies there, near the adults

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Thanks, i am on my way!

11g there are two that spawn every 15 minutes in a little cave inside the chasm the white wolf pups 10d near skyholme ruins another little cave 2 spawn every 15 the lions 10 a they spawn with mommy every 15 mins.

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Thx. Up until now i went to frostneedle forest, killed all sabertooths in the vicinity, and when they respawned 20-30% were puppies. but not anymore :frowning:

From eyelet lake, all the way up to the frozen palace obelisk… next time u will be there just kill all adults… Younglings will pop there along with new adults upon respawn…

That is my problem. I did all this several times the last few days. My thrall and i killed 100 or more of them, let´s say in one run around bleakwood ruins 15 to 20 -and we did it several times (got me alot of starmetal). All i got after the respans was one puppy! And i did this north of the mounds and now also around icespire chasm, my lovely Iris wasted a dozen rockmonsters. And the caves there were empty! Which god did i enrage against me! Right now we will go again. I love those Smilodons!

Failure again. Could it be, they wanted to make the Midnight Cove more attractive? So be it.

There is a white wolf protecting run in grab and run away or kite her out kill her dont kill her in the cave you will kill the puppies.

This one is just a regular easy kill dont kill inside cave.

10B sorry not 10A

2 from here if they spawn

So 4 lion Cubs from that area if your lucky but at least always 2 and that’s in 9 A the last 2 Cubs

Maybe its a singleplayer problem… Or i have to pay tribute to Jebbal Sag. :thinking:
And also, i seem to be the only one who has this problem?

In single player it’s useless to kill everything in an area bigger than rending range, since everything subject to rng and / or a timer beyond this resets each time you go out then in. The only way to defeat that is to kill things in one spot and stay on this spot until they respawn. And you aren’t even sure to get what you want because of the randomness of the spawns.

Well i know that. I farmed sabertooth kittens a lot (picture above is prove). That´s why i am here. I doesn´t work anymore! I tried everything for five days now and only got one plus two from Midnight Grove. But if no one else in SP has the same problem… idk I usually kill everything from Icekeeper Hollow up north and wait in the middle, done this dozens of times. The last five days i tried all other spots, and stayed in the area etc.

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