Where do you report hackers

We have a group on our server that are duplicating god coins in mass and using them. Is there anything to be done? And if so how do we go about that?

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How do you know that they are duplicating gold coins? I’m not saying I don’t believe you, just trying to establish how you would prove this. I think reporting it here might do you good already actually.

Because making 40 coins at once is highly unlikely legit

Are you refering to Zeals or gold coins as mentioned above?
The developers are aware of Zeal duping, but you are able to report the exploit -not the people- either way to the appropriate place listed here: https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Useful_links#Issues
Be sure to always be as detailed as possible.

These are the god token coins. Not the zeal but the actual tokens. Thank you for the link.

I can make 100 coins in 3 hours, I know the location of 7 chests that have high rates to give rare loot consisting of gold coins, I’ll tell you a spot, a tree near a bush near the black hand ship, an and even closer is a chest I can’t open yet it’s a world boss chest. :slight_smile: enjoy FYI I got 72 gold coins just today. I picked the best place to make my camp so much free loot, cha-ching.

Say hello to my roomie demonic spider your close to the loot chest if you spot him.

Thank you but I was not talking about gold coins.


Well the server has been wiped now by these people and they are going to other servers to repeat the process. I see no place where it can be reported or even if anyone cares on the dev staff. Very sad. Game is not going to survive this imo. I may try private server but not feeling much like that either.


Private Servers work out much better - mainly


You don’t. You just hide all your stuff in a glitch spot and wait for them to get bored and leave the server. But I am curious, are they duping their god tokens during server restart or in the middle of the day? How many altars do they have on the map when the tokens are made?

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They dup during resets mostly. And they obtain a coin from someplace then they can dup it. No shrines are even made. They were banned previously but returned on new accounts. The ban came because they dupped during active raid times and the server would crash repeatedly. So they changed to doing in at the reset.

And so many people just quit playing its not worth the trouble to hide things only to get destroyed anyway

Which region?

Server 1588

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