God coins disabled right now

Are they going to delete everyone that’s making all these God coins and storing them for after they fix the system or are we all going to have to deal with tons of gods coming down after the system is fixed

i thought u can no longer put them in fridges

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Probably best not to describe the exploit on the forums as that’s against Funcom’s rules.

Instead I advise you sending the exact replication steps and if possible screen shots to the Exploit hunter email

or in a private message to Ignasis (a Funcom community manager) on these forums so he can pass it onto the appropriate team.

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I discovered yesterday that Thrall erase Putrid Meat too. Did it give them the 10% buff ? I was unable to find since I discovered the 3 stacks of Putrid Meat I put in my bearer inventory were gone only after I came back to my base, when I unloaded her.

That is a different problem, any food placed in thralls or pets are eaten outright by them and if it isn’t from their preferred diet they won’t get any buffs.

I thought they got minor buff from unpreferred food

What do you need so many putrid meat for?
Sorry to post away from original post


I challenge someone to name an instance where mankind has possessed a weapon capable of giving them an advantage in war and have instead restrained themselves from using it. The nuclear bomb was only developed for a couple of months before use.

Nothing in particular. It wasn’t intentional to gather so much putrid meat. I had raised the slider for collecting resources in the admin panel and forgotten to lower it back to normal before going killing undead bosses in the Unnamed City.

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