Where does mitra archpriest spawn?

mixed info all over and I’m siting at new asgarth trying to force spawn one, i don’t even know if he spawns here

He spawn in the desert near the river on the right of the map your find a shrine

that’s correct, got mine there as well

“Mitra’s Serenity” - https://i.redd.it/i8v9k8ne17y01.jpg

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What the hell are you doing in new asagarth then?

-Muriela’s hope
-pirate ship
-mitra serenity
-sinner refuge

This is in one of these places you should be at, and not by the nordheimers in the frozen north.

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@roro4066 and the set priest?
-pirate ship
-conan’s city

someone please update the wiki! :smiley:

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