Where is exiles lands on Hyborian map because I can’t find it

Only area of the map that has desert and snowy mountain is hyrkania but no volcanos.

Rumor has it that we’re not in Hyborea proper.

It is on the other side of the map most likely. Also remember the Desert is not natural. so it literally may not be any bigger than you see in the game.

I don’t know the lore really well but if I were to guess it is a location from Pre-cataclysm civilization that enslaved the Lumarian’s not on any maps as it is a prison of sorts.

Then we realize we’re on a space station, with the bracelets acting as a tracking device.
Would explain why we wake up in our beds whenever we die… Unless the theory of Quantum Immortality applies.

Damn it, Picard! I told you the Conan Holodeck program was going to go awry! Now it won’t let anyone out! :stuck_out_tongue:


My understanding is that it is somewhere at the edge of the Stygian desert. Can’t recall where I read that though. It’s not like Howard’s map of Hyboria is very detailed, so really not much to go on.

Nor is it complete. Remember it is Earth. Most of the map is Africa, southern Europe and the Arab Peninsula. Asia, The America’s and Australia aren’t really there.

The decedents of the Lumarian’s became the Stygian I believe.

When Lumaria sank the made land fall but in a kingdom ruled by another race where they were enslaved. Eventually rising up destroying the civilization and founding their own becoming the Stygians.

We are in a place where there were a people who arrived and then were enslaved, made war and the beings destroyed enslavers were destroyed.Which all fits.

The enslavers used magic as when we are killed we respawn, the bracelet traps us in these lands. All of this suggests that we are a capital region of some sort of this dead empire discovered by someone that solves the issue of not having to deal with criminals by making them disappear. Which may be on an island or maybe magically hidden form the outside world.

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…Though not necessarily hidden very well, considering people are still using it as a dumping ground for people they don’t like apparently.

Well we don’t know that for sure. There may be another reason for that.

Think about it. At first there was only a few of us but now more and more arrive. (that was a statement but one guy in the south)

So it is likely that it was only recently found. We were Crucified outside and left to die… not just dumped. Yet we have a bracelet. Were we left there to stay on that cross and die, respawn back on the cross, die, respawn… etc or were we placed on the cross as a sort of merciful death but conan thought well maybe they can do something. Clearly we are not dealing with the Howard Conan who just kills everything and asks questions later.

There is more to how we got here than is let on.