Where my mamonth?

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: RU / EU

I have a mamont. Mamonth follow me. I fight and die. Mamonth must return to home location. But there is no my mamonth. No near to die area, no near to home, no messages about mamonth’s die. What the hell? Where my pet??? There are lot of bugs with pets!

Your pet has returned to the last guarding position. Where did you place it to guard last? This is “his home”.

Pets use to return to the last location where you put them in “guarding” stance.
Sometimes, this place is not where you think it should be… Try to think about the places you could have temporarly or not put your pet !

Sorry you are having issues, please note:

The last place you put your pet or thrall on guard is his new home. That can be anywhere that is not landclaimed by someone else or blocked by the server (city, camp, dungeon, etc.)

The pet first goes into a ‘scouting’ mode and stays where he is for a while. I do not know how long that is.

When the ‘scouting’ period is over, the pet travels to his home (last guard position), but it can take a while. Often they walk. Sometimes they teleport.

On rare occasions, I have logged in more than a day later, and there he was. He finally made it.

It usually takes quite a bit less than that, but please be patient and make certain you remember the last place you put him on guard.




Thanks to whomever flagged that post, but I was looking forward to using my ‘word of the day’ - ultracrepidarian.




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