Where to buy an adjustable desk?

I am searching for an adjustable desk for playing games. My work demands me to sit continuously in front of a laptop, due to the long time sitting I am having a backbone issue. thats why I need your recommendations that Is there any good online store who are offering promo codes on their stuff. My friend recommends me flexispot standing desk coupons Can you guys suggest me more options?

Better mention your country: I guess you are not interested in online stores from Russia or New Zealand :wink:


Check Amazon. They usually have sales and all kinds of desks. Look under office furniture. That is the best section to look in since what you are looking for has more of a business application than a home application.

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I hope besides from getting the right desk, you do some physical exercises for your spine, too.
You certainly can get some tips form @Tascha :wink:

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