Gaming Chair for PS5

Hello Everyone! Need recommendation of you guys in choosing best gaming chair for PS5. My budget is less than 1000$,

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Really nice 70-120$ office chair, with back support so you don’t ruin your back. XD

I picked up a larger office chair (home office) for 145$, border line Sofa Style… got wheels and spins. Almost fits 2 people. =3


BAH! You young kids with your “gaming chairs”. Look if you can’t sit cross-legged on the floor stairing up at a TV about 3 feet in front of you while hunched over for 8 hours at a time…you aren’t gaming.


If I sat cross-legged like that for that long I would be a permanent fixture on the floor. Think I will stick with my Lazy Boy recliner. Heard on the radio today a company in Japan is offering a gaming :sleeping_bed: bed.


I didn’t have the heart to put in that it was a 13 inch square screen. That would have made their minds explode.


Lol same :joy: getting back up is hard enough, if I add crossed legs to the equation I have to get up in stages :joy::joy:


Those days I played on 11-inch VHS combo tv XD

Which cut 1" 1/2 on all sides… Could never see my health bar in most games. XD


I agree with @sestus2009, gaming bed is the best. Like we said a million times, we play to relax :wink:

I’ve had a Noblechairs Icon real leather version for 4-5 years now, it is the best investment I’ve ever made, and if it some day needs a replacement, I’ll gladly buy a new one exactly the same again - Best chair I’ve ever had :sunglasses:

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I actually just got a chair from homrest thats nice. Flat arms with cupholders and reclines with a footrest. Not perfect for tall people (I’m 6’3”) but nothing really is. Once you rip off the lumbar and head rests tho, its comfy enough.


PITA to assemble…


mummm… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

let’s see

sincerely the chair is no longer in fashion especially for a game for conan, the real fans have gone to the accupressure mat or fakir mat
some models are in the process of development and some start up is hard work

you can already start standing it’s a very good exercise to start

personally I will contact sony to try to offer them a partnership to launch an official compatible model

Good game


Think i saw a bathmat like that at ikea…

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I have the big brother of this chair, with Zero-G. The curved surface you see in the picture rolls flat until you’re in the Zero-G of your choice.

Put the chair like this, crank up No Man’s Sky on the big screen, and it’s pretty immersive. There’s even a deionized particle spray you can turn on, which makes it feel like what I expect a Space Hab would be like.

One day a PS5 might come to my town. For now, PS4.


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