Suggestion: Regarding funcom store points and subscription bonuses

So on the account page where you can buy funcom store points you have the following tiers of points.

This is in USD
Buy 600 @ 4.99
Buy 1200 @ 9.99
Buy 2400 @ 19.99
Buy 6000 @ 49.99
buy 12000 @ 99.99

You would think that the more you spend the better deal you get but if you do the math there is absolutely no discount applied at all between buying the 600 points or the 6000 points.

600 / 499 = 1.2c per point
1200 / 999 = 1.2c per point
2400 / 1999 = 1.2c per point
6000 / 4999 = 1.2c per point
12000 / 9999 = 1.2c per point

Now it occurs to me that if you as a business want people to spend more money then you should offer what most companies in the business world call “Volume discounts” the same way you gave discounts for buying a longer term subscription, you should also apply it to the store points purchases. Just my two cents here but as of now there is no more incentive to buy a bigger bundle at one time instead of smaller bundles of points whenever you feel like it.

Also you should probably give people with active subscriptions some free points every month as a bonus as well as a price discount on points purchases. You want people subscribing, This is how you get it. The time of being stingy needs to end. It has not served your company in the past and it continues to drag you down.

All this stuff you’re selling is intangible digital product at the end of the day and it’s all mostly profit minus your overhead costs. If you want to sell more you need to offer incentives for people to buy more. More sales = more $$$. More $$$ = more content. More content = more players. more players = more $$$. See where I’m going with this?

Edit cuz my math was slightly off. still havent finished my coffee

update: Oh yea and You should also stop mismatching prices of store items with your points bundles. Case in point. an item that costs 2450 points forcing you to buy the next level of points (6000 points) because of that extra 50 points. Its shady business practices like that that turn people off. so yea… stop doing that.


True, Funcom has one of the most outdated game stores in the genre. They really do not seem to be placing any effort at all into getting people to want to spend and I doubt anyone there realizes just how much money they could have been making with a few new items here and there and some bonuses for subscribers…let alone fixing those rip-off prices.

Selling items for 365 coins making sure you would have to spend insane amounts to ever actually break out even with the coins you purchased…Just plain robbery and turns people off.