Wheres the Bowstaff?

It’s an iconic weapon in Conan movies, Even more then Boombassa’s mace.

The movies don’t typically reflect what Conan is supposed to be. They never have. They are the Hollywood interpretation of Conan.

What’s a bowstaff?

Either he’s mispelling bo-staff, which is just a quarterstaff like Donatello used to use on the old TMNT cartoons.

Or else he’s talking about a combination weapon. A bow and staff in one. Where you basically fight like it’s a quarterstaff, but you can add a string and turn it into a longbow for ranged fighting.

Which, the second probably isn’t going to happen in Conan. It’s too complex to work out. And archery already has issues I think.

The first, it’d probably play mostly like a spear.

Ah he means bo staff then, Grace Jones’ character uses one in the (fairly dreadful) Conan sequel.

Iconic weapon in the movies or not, a big stick (known by many names, from a rokushakubo in Japan to a shillelagh in Ireland to a karttu in Finland) was a very common, very traditional weapon - and a very effective one too. Implementing it into the game wouldn’t even be very difficult, since they could pretty much use the spear’s animations for it - just reduce its damage on the poke, and increase it on the wild swing. It’s not accurate as far as real staff techniques go, but neither are most “game martial arts” moves. It’s something I’ve been kinda missing - not because of cringey movies, but because a big stick is a good weapon and should ideally be among the first things a wandering Exile should get. Heck, if I was Exiled I’d go for a quarterstaff before trying to get pants. (If you have a quarterstaff but no pants you can get pants from the guy who has pants but no quarterstaff.)

As for a “bow staff”… No. Just no. The sticks used to make bows are not heavy enough or properly balanced to be used as effective close combat weapons, and the sticks used to make sticks for hitting people don’t work as bows.

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Wasn’t quarterstaff Friar Tuck favorite’s weapon ? Anyway the quarterstaff was popular amongst pilgrims during Middle-Age. It’s a good helper to travel long distances on your feet and can be used as a weapon.

While the moves don’t reflect what Conan is supposed to be I still can see why someone would wonder why in a land full of swords spears and clubs has nobody thought to use a quarterstaff as a weapon… (Basically a spear without the pointy bit on one end.) I mean is it really so crazy to think that a Speer handle could be used as an effective weapon without the pointy bit on the end?)

If it were a real life thing, people probably would use the staff, because it also doubles as a walking stick.

But in game terms, this sort of gameplay is already reflected with the spear. So the devs probably figure it’s just wasted space adding a non-pointy spear to the game.

It’d be more understandable as an addition if the staff had a more diverse moveset.

That said, in Conan terms it’s probably more satisfying to bash a skull open with a club than a staff. More meaty impact and the chance for brains to splatter out. Which isn’t nearly as satisfying as lopping off body parts or making blood spurt from your enemies.

I’d love to see Bo staff in game using spear animations but with cripple instead of bleed, in an old server i was in we had fist fights in a little fight pit that one of the clans built nowadays we can upgrade that to wooden swords but still no wooden spear or staff. Funcom make it happen :grin:

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