Which armor upgrade for my build?

So I’m a bit rusty on the different armor upgrades/mods. I just crafted the Kambujan epic armor but trying to decide what to upgrade it with. I used a Scout T4 armorer so I already have a weight reduction but deciding whether I should add additional weight reduction kits or add the bulk plating mod?

I’m on a PVP server and I’m doing a strength build. I really don’t have any points in expertise so I’m trying to keep the weight low but wondering if better to have the extra armor protection? Right now without any mods my armor value is ~740 or so.

Last question — regarding the armor reduction kit. Besides allowing you to carry more weight, am I correct that it allows you to use less stamina as well or is that some other mod?


No suggestions? :slight_smile:

So doing a little research, the wiki says that the armor flexibility kit helps with climbing? I assume then it does not help with combat/rolls then?

As mentioned before does the armor reduction kit actually help with stamina usage due to reduced weight or is the game not that “smart”?

Anyway — suggestions welcomed.

For something your character will wear, the armor reduction kit is what you will want in nearly every case. It won’t directly let you use less stamina, but if it puts your carrying weight below one of the 25/50/75% thresholds you will use less stamina.

Good to know and thank you

Armor reduction kit.

Absolutely NO bulk plating. It adds too much burden than you can carry and merely boost your damage reduction by 1%~3% with medium or heavy armor, all 5 pieces together.
However, if you wear light armor, which is optimal for PVP, you definitely want bulk plating.

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