The brilliance of the Armour Reduction Kit


I had plated up my medium armor, making it able to take more damage… awesome!! So then I tried to add the Reduction kit, but no love, … so one can only apply one of these kits…

However, I built up a set of std heavy armor and applied the Reduction kit to it, dropping the weight to just above that of the med armor… good deal!


Had assumed one could apply them all. As im just about ready to craft the mods O really appreciate your heads up.


One issue with it right now though is that it doesn’t actually increase how much you can carry. I tested it a few days ago. I was at 62% encumbrance in normal armor. I crafted the reduction mods and added them to the armor. The weight on the armor reduced on the tool tip by about 40%, but I was still at 62% encumbrance. Once they fix this, I think it will help a lot of the issues people have with weight.