White wild hares locations?

Hi guys,

do you know where the white tamable hares spawn? I caught one a week ago, but today I am trying to find another and I’ve found only the grey ones. I remember they were more common before, now it seems there aren’t any.

Any ideas? :confused:

White is made from the twitch drop. Just look for any wild hare and pick it up. I found one on Noob river.

I found that one there as well, but it won’t work with “any” hare. It has to be the white one and so far I’ve found only the unpickable grey ones.


I found one in the middle of L4 yesterday but haven’t see it since.

Ok, thanks. So I guess it’s only random. Tried to kill few grey rabbits, maybe some of them will respawn as the white. :slight_smile:

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As I understand it, it is the indeed random. I havent looked at the spawn table, but they were sharing spawns at 3.0 release.


Finally success, went to the noob river again and found one. Still thinking though, that the year before there were much more of them to catch, even in front of Summonning place, etc. Or it is just about a bad luck, who knows. :smiley:

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What did you feed him?
Tried a lot, but nothing worked so far.

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They are in the game and have been for some time. There is one that shows up near the Oasis of Nekhet in EL. I have also seen them in the North and along the West River between the two spider cave entrances where the Zath religion trainer can be found.


Yeah, they’re different, but just called “wild hate” iirc. They’re still kinda dirty white/gray. They’re bigger, so can see them from further away. I’m guessing you can place them as they are and the white one is unique to twitch. It’s brighter white. Haven’t tried placing one without converting it to white, but I’m sure it’s possible.

Ya, not sure what to do once I have it.

I’ve only been able to pick up the bright white ones, none of the grey ones, basically just sets my thrall to attack it haha @jmk1999 you were able to pick up the grey ones?

I have found quite a few of them by Mounds of the Dead where the Mammoths are, on the edge between the snow biome is a good place to start if you are in the area :slight_smile:

To craft the rabbit, you just gotta scroll down in your inventory and use one of the special fodders to craft it, can’t remember off the top of my head which one. The rabbit is quite huge, pretty awesome! Starts with just 8 health though haha

No, I don’t think they’re gray, just not as white as the twitch ones.

They are needed to craft the one from Twitch and are not placeable.


Ah, thanks for the clarification

I was told it was the savory fodder, which where is that at because I need it for the twitch ugly dog as well.

All of the fodder is crafted at the Alchemy Bench.


erjoh is being fesicious, the savory fodder is missing from the game, it’s a well known bug.

Kind of figured this was one of those. it’s times like this I have to ask, does anyone at funcom know as much about the game issues as us players? Because it always seems like well know bugs are a surprise to funcom reps.

Yeah, sorry for the confusing info, I just assumed that everyone is going to be excited about this easter twitch drop bunnies. :smiley:

Thanks Cattibria for the aditional info. Yes, you need to catch white wild hare and in order to make companion of it, you just need to feed it Savory fodder, which comes only in Twitch drop items, when you watch online drop allowed stream on Twitch, while having Twitch account linked to your CE account.

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What a load :roll_eyes:

Guess I’m dropping a bunny on the ground in a bag to die :unamused: