Who else is excited about the next patch? :D



Hey @Ignasis , do you know if the devs is going to make the visible player clan icons optional to be turned off ? I suggested this on the testlive thread notes and it has been something players desire to have.


Purges have been working fine on my server, so as a PvE player I’m most looking forward to everyone’s HUUUUGE bases (including my own) loading quickly. Right now, some of the biggest ones can take upto about 2 minutes for everything to render, the lights to turn on, and thralls/pets and benches to appear. That really breaks the sense of immersion.

After that, I’ll be glad to finally be able to move benches around, and I REALLY hope this will extend to chests, crates, and cupboards as well. As many times as I’ve moved in RealLife™, it hurts my brain that my far more physically fit in-game character can’t do the same! ^_^;


I know right!?

Those metal chests look perfectly portable!

Infact it’d be pretty dope if you can assign a bearer to a chest as a station thrall, to relocate the chest.

The higher the tier bearer, the bigger storage you can move :stuck_out_tongue: This is a pipe dream though.

I’d be perfectly happy being able to relocate chests; but with the 1000 stacks change, i might not have to:

Incidentally, you see the missing wall in front of the alchemy station? That’s the one i wanna fix, but can’t.


Does the rotten meat stack to 1000 too?


The patch notes seem to be very specific, so i’d hazard a guess and say unlikely ^_^;;

I think spoiled food has been made 25 stacks because it actually feeds thralls and animals in the feeding pot and boxes.

But with 100 stack non-spoilables such as honey, i don’t initially see the point of keeping spoiled food at stacks of 25…

Maybe I’m missing something.


I don’t either. Since it is used for compost, it seems counter-productive to leave it at such a small amount.


This patch has many, many important things Im really glad they have finally addressed. And considering the good stability the latest released patches had… Im very positive for this next one!


I’m excited about the AI improvements.

I wouldn’t mind seeing hides increased to 1000 too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah I dont know… Too much good stuff!
I just quickly glanced over the patch notes and not even all of it. Still need to do so.
But yes, there will be a huge crapton of great changes!

And I fricking love the roleplaying updates!
Notes we can write on? YAY! … Only leaves notes to be written if not the owner… hehe. (Leaving messages.)
I like the polearmchanges, how “wild” thralls will become more dangerous, how monsters are said to become more challenging and even getting a chance to spawn as elite…

But in terms of forum and banning of certain words, the following is clearly my favorite.


Happen to me, roof and everything on my little building was fck’ed up, since then i couldnt log on to the testliveserver


if you destroy the 2 chests and the alchemy station you will be able to place the wall i think, also make sure you take out the door temporary if there is any nearby


As a console player, I just want the building mechanic to work right again.
All that new stuff is great and all but it’s been OVER A MONTH now since building has worked on both ps4 and xbox.

Frankly any new updates that don’t fix this are straight up insulting to those of us who aren’t on pc.


Or leather. Maybe even 10000.
Then I might fit it all in 1 chest.



Mind you I can’t say ■■■■■. To bad if you name is the abbreviated version of William.


Especially leather xD
There needs to be a legendary crafter who can compress 2 leathers into thick leather with ichor or… resin?

I also just realized… I can make a whole lot more brick and shaped wood in one go. YAY!


And thick leather. Maybe ironstone too?


I wish arrows could take a sit on the train aswell, 1000 stacks would be helpfull.


First off yes Im defintely up for this update. Second, a question for yourself and others, and possibly a follow up one depending on the answer.

So does this mean that they are essentially increasing the rendering speed for the game as a whole, or just building pieces/placeables etc?


TL;DR - Only connected building pieces.

It’s good practice in gaming to make 3D assets (decorative buildings) as a single efficient mesh, because they get loaded in as a single item, so the game world is already quite efficient at loading things. These props are called “static meshes”.

It’s when you load many many separate objects and meshes (tiles) which “form” a building, this is what causes the performance issues.

I think they are implementing an algorithm that treats connected tiles as a single item (as opposed to many), and it gets treated as such in memory. Correct me if i’m wrong though, but that’s my educated guess.

Some trivia:

Unreal Engine (which CE uses) uses C++, which is the fastest programming language out there.
If you tell C++ exactly how much and what type of memory it needs to allocate for something it needs to remember, and when/how to forget it, it is extremely fast.

But it’s also the hardest (modern) programming language to use because it’s so… manual.

(yes you old timers out there… I know about assembly and fortran. Go away, kthx)


That was a really good, comprehensive answer Halcyon. Going by what you have told me, I would say its a good move. Because its only the 3D assets affected, my follow up question is now redundant. Thanks for that.