Who else is excited about the next patch? :D

Wood, Stone, Fiber and stuff will stack up to 1000!

And buildings loading in very quickly! I’m psyched :3

But most important of all… Working purges :o~~~

I think this patch will be a game changer.

What’s your favorite fix? :slight_smile:


Bluntly I won’t be excited about this next patch until it is proven in testlive and then live that it won’t make parts of our buildings randomly disappear or rearrange themselves.

Yeah I’m excited about this patch in principle, but it doesn’t feel ready to go just yet (which is why it’s on TestLive of course).

If I had to pick a feature, it’s going to be working Purges, no question. I’ve been complaining about that for quite a while now (though not unfairly so, I don’t feel, it’s a pretty big part of the PvE endgame).


Speaking of Testlive, I see on steam you’ve got it installed :stuck_out_tongue:

You been testing it? :3

Briefly, yes. I normally always peek at TestLive builds (especially now that it’s much easier to have both it and the regular client installed!).

Wish I could just copy our official PvE save file to my singleplayer files. This way I can then test all gameplay loops, instead of just progression.

I don’t have the time or patience for an XP grind. But for testing the structural integrity of the rich amount of complex architecture on our server, and the various gameplay loops I know of, that’s just a matter of a single hour.


Yeah me too. If there were concerns of people taking advantage of it somehow, it could be stripped of any assets not belonging to you (or your clan) quite easily. But for obvious reasons we don’t have access to the actual game.db of official servers, and there’s nothing even close to an account system in place that would allow for a personalized edition of it to be downloaded - not that it’d be impossible to create, but I don’t think it would be a priority for Funcom to make it.

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Perhaps not wiping TestLive maps at every iteration would be a good way to test the structural integrity of buildings between versions…

Like, if something on TestLive breaks after an update, then one can assume the same would happen on live, therefore pre-existing structures and characters make for an excellent control group for version control.

I just don’t think starting over is an efficient way to test things. Thorough sure… but not everyone has time for that.

Besides, i’m sure new people will join TestLive and test the lower bands of progression, while the advanced players test the upper bands.

Think such a scenario is “closer to reality” as far as testing things go.

Besides, it’s important that people build very intricate structures of various materials in an online environment, but people rarely build something fancy made of white marble on test servers because it’s an ice-sculpture.

Time they could have used to create such a structure on live instead. There needs to be at least some palpable incentive other then helping Funcom for free, with nothing but a thanks and intact homes post-patch, and a preview of changes.

CE’s gameplay, especially if persistant, is a reward in itself and could actually make living a dual life on testLive servers a thing - Conducive to enticing more people to test in an online environment.

Of course the caveat is that things can go wrong really quickly on testlive, but at least people are aware of this.

It’s like living over a fault-line in Japan. (I realize I might be trivializing the horrors of such with this comaprison, but i’m after the sentiment…not a direct comparison)

I like the ‘Pickup -’ part of the testlive patch.


Oh hell yeah! I actually removed a wall behind a crafting station that I thought I could replace, but the crafting station was too close to it, so I have a precarious large gap in the wall, but I never bothered filling it because…well… it’s indoors. But now that I can pick up furniture, I can motivate m\yself to do some re-arranging, without feeling like i’m gonna bankrupt myself in the process xD

ARK is actually implementing the “pick-up” feature as well on their official servers. The way they do it is anything can be picked up within 30 seconds of putting it down. That makes alot of sense, considering it’s infuriating when a wall is facing the wrong way.

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Our team is working on ironing that out :slight_smile:

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We’re all so traumatized that no storage is placed on wedge tiles to this day ^_^;;


cuando sale el nuevo parche en el oficial?

That would be nice… right now my hall of tanners and carpenters has some oddly placed benches… that could be placed decentlyhad I known how to stack them…

Well I sort of looking forward to working purges although I had 8 purges in december 2018, but most of them were offline purges(pve official 1013).
So when purges sort of work for me my favorite has to be being able to pickup crafting stations, just hope it also applies to chests, fridges and other small placeables because 2 of the purges left my base with lots of missing foundations, walls, chests, fridge, crafting stations etc, and those that were still there but lacked a foundation or wall close by I had to delete because otherwise I couldn’t fill the holes in the building :disappointed_relieved:

So yeah my favorite has to be being able to pickup stuff :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Reliable Purges make me nervous. Now I need to make defenses.

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@Ignasi could you ask if this patch could/will contain the fix for placebles “clipping” against walls instead of inside the wall? You know what I mean?
Like when you place a bench it will “stick” to a wall instead of going inside of it…

Thank you for your time.

I don’t think that is included per se, but we have added a lot of QoL improvements to buildings and placeables. You can check out the list of features in our Testlive patch-notes here:

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I really like lot of things from this update BUT… What time its going online for normal game ? I am waiting soooo long

We don’t have any estimated time yet, but around two to three weeks depending on how fast we can gather some quality feedback on it and improve on the reports our community is sharing in our Testlive sub-forum.