Who is St. Toad?


Something I’ve been wondering since TSW, the preacher at the clubhouse rants about St. Toad and his/her/their cracked chimes. Any Ideas?



XXV. St. Toad’s

“Beware St. Toad’s cracked chimes!” I heard him scream
As I plunged into those mad lanes that wind
In labyrinths obscure and undefined
South of the river where old centuries dream.
He was a furtive figure, bent and ragged,
And in a flash had staggered out of sight,
So still I burrowed onward in the night
Toward where more roof-lines rose, malign and jagged.

No guide-book told of what was lurking here—
But now I heard another old man shriek:
“Beware St.Toad’s cracked chimes!” And growing weak,
I paused, when a third greybeard croaked in fear:
“Beware St. Toad’s cracked chimes!” Aghast, I fled—
Till suddenly that black spire loomed ahead.

H.P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth

So, a Thing (Tsathoggua). Or a Place (a black spire named St. Toad). Maybe both!


Initiate the boiling meme sequence. Queue-hue-hue the messenger of the Lucid’s. SPOILERS! His name is John.


St. Toad, the boiling meme



Q: Why do you dream of the stars that scream?
A: Feels good, man.


i’d say both.

For instance, a reference to the Orochi and the Tower. If a certain fearful pervert had not hopped off the tracks, he would have ended up there, right?