Who would like to have actual housing in SWL?

I know I would, but I don’t know what others think about.
they could make 3 base houses, one in each city hub, and you can buy or find items ingame for furniture. I know an example would be ESO or DCUO, although the latest it’s supposed to be bases, but many people use them as houses. They could have useful systems like banks or access to the quest board.
Would you be interested in such a system? If people would like the idea, they could have bigger and more expensive houses for sale later too.


There is literally zero chance of such a feature ever being worth the time it would need to implement/maintain.

Yeah, I know there’s a segment of players that like housing, but it’s a waste of time for me. If it isn’t actually productively useful to my character, I’m not really interested.

(Edit: most I could see happening here would be maybe a study or office in your Museum that you could trick out with whatever items you could get your hands on. Trophies from achievements and whatnot)

when you say “productively useful” what do you include? I mean having a bank, the auction, or the quest board are useful things too.
it’s true that i personally want it more for story reasons, to have my character feel more real.but to each ther own.


One of the few times I was actually proud of SWL’s devs was when they had the guts to put the final nail in player housing’s coffin. So yeah, probably easy to guess my opinion.

Yeah this has been brought up so many times since 2012. As much as it would have been a cool addition back in TSW at this point in SWL I’d rather see the 50% of missing group content from TSW return before anything else.


Productively useful = aids my character to accomplish actual in-game goals. As opposed to cosmetic/vanity/headcanon goals (for me, at least).

Storage, transporation, convenient access to facilities, some type of expansion to my capabilities. Having a bank/auction/job board handy isn’t really an issue since I already have that in Agartha.

First off, is that Frog from ‘Frog and Toad are Friends’ in the first pic?

But seriously.

It was once considered in TSW, mostly by players, but, the dev’s eventually were like “There’s no way.”

I can’t imagine it ever happening in SWL. Mostly because it’s too costly, and SWL’s probably on a pretty tight budget, but also, because there’s a lot of other priorities the devs have to consider.

Like, bringing PVP maps over to SWL from TSW (FuSang, El Dorado, and Stonehenge). Then there’s bringing over some dungeons from TSW to SWL. THen there’s continuing the story itself, in South Africa / The Congo / wherever.

STILL I’d like to see more customization for the Museum of the Occult. (personal housing) (kind of).
BUT ALSO I’d like to see something for Cabals, too, like guild housing.

Due to time / budget / priority restraints, it probably (most likely) won’t happen.

But here’s what I’d like to see happen.

A new system added, where Cabals get a special room (‘safehouse’) for themselves inside faction HQ’s. The rooms are populated by decorations you get through leveling your faction rank, and completing REAL mission de-briefings for Main missions, Investigation missions, & sabotage missions. For de-briefings, you actually have to travel back to faction HQ to answer text-based questions about the mission you just completed. Your Cabal reputation would be based off points earned by answering these Q’s, and unlock items for your faction rank that could be bought with tokens earned by participating in de-briefings. Each faction rank unlocks new questions about missions, and new items to unlock and purchase. Cabal rank would go towards unlocking items everyone in the cabal could purchase, or new rooms in the ‘safehouse.’

The same system could be applied to the Museum of the Occult. Going to the museum and answering ‘daily’ questions pertaining to the Lore (errr, ‘Legends’) of SWL at a computer terminal. Again, text-based, so no need for VO’s / cinematics. Participation grants you reputation points that unlock tiers or items to decorate the museum with, getting the questions right (answers can be found or uncovered in the Lore / Legends section, from Lore / Legends you’ve found in-game) gives you tokens to buy the items.

Just an idea, and a very basic, not-too-well-put-together one at that, but even something like it would add a certain level of DEPTH to the game (based on Lore / Legends, the deepest part of TSW / SWL) that the game desperately needs.

BUT - again - time / budget / priority restraints…

Love the idea, but The game is not receptive for interacting with other characters due to instance restrictions. It’s basically for 1 player game. When agent system was coming out I would thought that office floors in the main tree where players would have a personal office among other players, and have agents NPC agents literally coming in when you summon them to a mission. And a hall window, so other players could see the cool stuff you had collected in agent missions as they walk by to their offices in the tree and even maybe see you - would have been cool

But I would rather they give me more content, finish the congo module. Give us story content in the old zones that reuse NPCs if need to and old building infrastructures, like basements, houses etc. Just get the story going again.

I said it before and I’ll say it again - I’d love housing. And just one apt would be enough even. But then I believe we had official answer for this that it won’t happen - way too many work than they’ll ever will be able to do. Which makes it sadder every time someone brings this idea on table.
I understand how it’s not too practical ingame, we already have everything we’d ever need in Agartha, but then it’s so logical our character having their own place to be from story point of view. Like, once we create a character character screen shows us our former room. But once we finish tutorial it switches to street of either of three cities. It’s… sad, you know.
(we even could use that old room, but then customizing it is still a lot of work)

I just don’t see how it fits the game’s storyline, where we’ve been busy pretty much 100% of the time since eating the bee. Not that the Occult Museum really does either.

Also we have player housing, it’s “your hut in south africa”.


No please, it is more a sim game thingie IMO and I am not interested at all.
It would also take dev time from more fun projects, like new story content, end game dungeons/raids/puthereothergroupcontent … those are the kind of stuff I hope for.

Contrary to my previous opinion on the subject, I’m going to say no. I’d no longer like to see player housing in SWL.

The relaunch was the game’s second (or third, if you count TSW’s buy-to-play transition) chance to prove itself successful enough for Funcom to put its newly-found weight behind it. I think we can all agree that that hasn’t quite happened as perhaps some of us were hoping as we left TSW behind and started over.

SWL is run by a small team with limited resources and I’d rather they spend those resources playing to their, and the game’s, strengths. That is, driving the story forward and giving us replayable content to while away the weeks in between.


That’s a scene from the adventure “The Wolf Among Us”. Not really a very good pseudo-example for MMO player housing, that one.

Anyways, there was a time when player housing for TSW seemed like a cool idea, but pragmatically speaking, it’s absolutely not what SWL needs. This game needs better ideas to make more people want to play it in the first place, not a ‘fun’ feature that can at best help retention.

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to be honest, myself I prefer much more to have new story content, but the problem with that is that it doesn’t add a lot of replayability, the housing is a system that can add things in between story content.
we know have the museum, but for the museum to grow, we need new enemies and for that we probably need new zones and new story content too, so the museum is entirely dependant on new maps and new story content.
a housing system could be independent on that.

Well I think it’s safe to say that the responses to this topic have been an overwhelmingly “Hell No!” Glad to see that most people are more focused on wanting to see story and group content be not only there primary focus but we’ll at this point there only focus. I play this game quite casually though my characters progression might indicate otherwise. It’s just a fun community I’ve come to enjoy logging in and ending my evenings hanging out with. Mostly that involves doing things together though like dungeons and the odd NYR. Maybe I’m just not enough into the RP scene but the museum is enough housing for me in this game. And on that topic maybe they should finish the museum first lol

This has few layers… Like, there are wide specter of things I’m personally not interested in (like PvP) but I don’t tell ‘please no, I don’t like it so don’t add it’ because it would be weird to say the least. Then I also would love developers making story their priority (which they made iirc and that’s good). But the question if we’d like a feature. And yes, I’d like it.

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For me it is less “hell no” and rather “please release all the dungeons from TSW, and push the story forward before other stuff.”

Personally I would love to see a full-realized housing system with placeable objects we can earn in game like furniture, drapes, rugs, etc. Add stuff like a jukebox to play random in-game songs, a TV that shows completed in-game cutscenes, or a computer that could “check email” (open the mail system) or something silly like run those text-based games in the PC Bang. That would all be really nice and fun.

That all said, I would gladly take a new Scenario or Dark Agartha or more elite-level missions over a more robust player-housing system, let alone more story content or the old dungeons. New “game” and new story content are my “must-haves,” better player housing is just a “nice to have.”

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So basically last on your list kinda thing. That is understandable. I guess I wouldn’t not enjoy player housing if they ever did it. Just like yourself it’s probably last on the list and with the current team and previous statement concerning player housing probably a .001% chance of ever happening.

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I would love to have player housing in SWL!

However, there are many things I would prefer to see in SWL before player housing, and because I know that SWL does not have a large enough dev team to focus on many things at once, much less such a resource-intensive addition as player housing, I’ve made my peace with it not making an appearance.

More story content, missing Elite dungeons, new weapons, things like that are all much higher on my personal list, and would be better for the general community’s engagement in the game as well.