Whole server on 1511 has been wiped

Aye, really upset i wasted a ltitle bit of money on the sorcery and battle pass stuff , did finish every thing the game had to offer , maxed battle pass and all. Have every single DLC from before too, there was nothing left to do in the game but build and make prity things and help new commers and enjoy the comunity. And then poof , i mean honestly they dont even give a reason or email saying they going to do anything just one day every thing gone gone… then next day banned. AND whats on 1511 even worse, they baned the small people even new people and left the biggest bases alone and didnt ban them as shown in JoshWithdosh’s post up above , thats at cervice area and that goes all the way to the mountain a whole one clan city probably the biggest in the server i would wager and takes the most land for one group to have. Yet they are left alone, and people with almost nothing get banned for literly nothing. There was no breaking of ToS the only ToS i saw being broke was at sinkhole where they were haveing a land battle spamming sandstone cause some one built infront of some ones doorstep and they retaliated by making a giant sand stone wall around the other persons base then they in return retaliated by spamming sandstone foundations all over the desert… but that was just 2 clans far away from the north.

Makes you rethink buying anything in a game where they can just ban you without giving you a reason for warning


Ya we were on a pvp server for ever since the game started, and had sooo many glitchers , like people running in with stacks of 99999 explosive arrows , people dueping gods , our base once was hit by 13 gods in a row, we had to build really defensive. soo many glitch abusers… yet they decide to just hit the legit players and kill their own comunity. We had one group of greifers just give up on making a base and spam the whole world with vaults so you never knew where they had their stuff. Then when we came back after Funcom got in bed with tencent, first time ever on a PvE server and bam. Are we now being told we are not allowed to play the game as it was intended ? I remember the conan exile trailer, saying conquor build your civilization and kingdome. It showed some one starting off with nothing making armor getting thralls building bases bigger then the one we had and makeing a HUGE fortress and city. THEN they even had events where we had to build BIG fancy bases and the winners got a pic of their bases put on a wall painting you can put on the wall. So where did they change it to say you have to keep builds to like a tiny 6 x 6 ? or not allowed to play on global if you want to build anything ?


Yup, they lost alot of customers with this. im sure they will get more though with their false advertising. Like the bazaar, i stupidly bought a bunch of things from there thinking they were actually usable, like the ritual table , the way it was show cased almost made you think it was a replacement for the sorc sacrificial stone but nope . Luckily i didnt purchase the camp sight … apparently it does not even function as a bed some one claimed it does not even give shelter , some one else claimed it does so no clue there but… supper over priced. Then the battle pass , most the free stuff was things we already had if played it before and one time uses kinda weird there. Conan Exiles - Building in the World of Conan Trailer (Official) - YouTube to 16 sec, they really should put a disclaimer , not allowed to build that big in actual game or youll be banned ! LOL


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