Why are women's pubic hair well made and men's not?

I know many don’t want to know this, but many do too, so it’s up to everyone to respect each other.
One major flaw I see in the game is that in the female version of the NPCs pubic hair is great, well made, realistic, pleasing whether it’s on your NPC or your slaves.
But in male NPCs pubic hair is totally out of touch with the NPC reslista graphic pattern you have super realistic NPCs with pubic hair that don’t seem to belong to that realistic body, that’s a small detail that makes all the difference when it comes to displaying a realistic NPC, whether you’re you. visually liking to see naked NPCs, men in the case, or their own male character does not look “badly drawn”.
I find it interesting that the game team makes this little tweak on the male hair, and the underarm could have no hair, or be realistic too, the underarm is even more “bizarre”, a curious fact is that the hair on the male chest NPCs is great and has incredible quality, I don’t understand why they have such good chest hair and such horrible, poor quality hair on the genitals, it’s a very curious fact to know that they had the ability to do high quality hair and not did, it’s time to fix it!

even moders have already made body versions for the game with very realistic hair and variety among male NPCs, since today every male body in the game is 100% standardized, that’s awful.

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I didn’t know that…to be honest, I don’t look at my thrall’s/character’s genitalia zone but I supose that some people do it as I can see with your post…:rofl:

I applaud your courage.


Funcom itself could download this MODE and apply it in the game, and even improve it to make it even better in the game, the guy made free 1 man so imagine what the game team can not do, I’ll leave until the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1405335414

Frankly, the state (and lack) of body hair was something that bothered me too, which is why I use that mod you linked. In my world, barbarians are hairy. When your main concern is finding edible food and fresh water and not becoming food to someone else, shaving your armpits is probably not on the top of your priority list.

That said, implementing that in the main game isn’t as simple as copy-pasting the mod files into the actual game. Compatibility with consoles needs extra work, even though on the surface it seems just as some added texture to graphical assets.

Killing the red mother? hell no, today is my spa day :nail_care:t2:

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I’d be on board with more body hair, male and female, if it came with the option to choose how much (or how little) you want on your character. Even barbarians living thousands of years ago would have groomed and decorated themselves after all, not to mention that not all of the available races to play as would be considered barbarians by the Hyborian Age standard anyway and they surely would have all had their own standards of how much body hair they would have tolerated.

Plus I just like the idea of giving players another way to keep from looking like every other player as much as possible too.

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