Models need major overhaul

Since the game started I havent seen much updating to the character models I mean please funcom give us more options!.. for example get rid of the missile boobs and give us more pronounced nipples and other bits… the Mod Aquilonian Females did a fantastic job remodeling the female models… but we need vanilla model updates Im sure Im not the only one who thinks so…
also can we get a “variation” of a cut or uncut penis?.. I mean not everyone wants a hooded member in the game… and how about more detailed hair… I swear its like looking at strands of straw… Example here… on the imgur image website /gallery/uQi0hPT

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I know before they mention… the nude bits arent meant to be high detail, just there as in part to lore.

Honestly fine with breast as is, (itlest 0% to 50% on bar, after certain point… its like ROFL, WTF) They go from having a decent real life sag, to… Air balloons xD)
The jiggle is decent, some of better physics…

Considering the game (itlest on ps4, PAL version which is uncensored) Its rare to see topless, And have yet to see a male bottomless, (I can go full nude, but npcs will always have loin cloth…) I see little point to put work into it, if your never gonna see it inless you strip yourself. =/

I saw band of naked females once during purge when they were broken. (no males spawned,…lol)

I’d settle for some more clothes/Dancer outfits that show abit more skin.


I wouldn’t mind more options for character appearance, but I’m not sure if the sexual bits are the primary concern. There’s a whole internet full of adult entertainment material if you want to see highly detailed nipples and penises. I mean, that’s what I do. I like having nudity as an option in the game because it makes sense lorewise and because it gives a bit of eye candy for our bases etc., but there’s a practical limit to how much focus the developers should put on that particular feature.

Like Sera67, I wouldn’t mind seeing the laws of physics apply to the larger-scale breasts, though. I don’t think they had silicone implants in the Hyborian Age.

Also, more beards, hair styles, and even different body types would be very welcome, even though I know the latter would be an enormous work and thus unlikely to happen. (No, you can’t do it with just sliders, because the end result doesn’t look like a different body type, it looks like watching yourself in a bent mirror.)

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I am all for more hair and beards and maybe even a few body sliders for people who whant to be really skinny like I see in real life or even fat as I have seen as well. I would like to have a big sump build guy with a axe myself and a good looking beard as none of the beards now look that good

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