Why cant you stack throwing weapons?

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i mean it seems pretty obvious to me that you should be able to do that. i usually dont have more than 1 or 2 rooms max hotkeys left for throwing weapons or grenades.

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Before the combat update you could.

No idea why we can’t now, except for an idea that Funcom is trying to discourage ranged combat entirely.

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Yeah, it’s as if they don’t like people playing all-ranged, they don’t like people having hook hands(still can’t find a way to craft those), they don’t like Derketo worshippers having priests(still can’t find one), they don’t like people using support beams, they don’t want people crafting skelos cultist gear, man, they really don’t like people having fun with the toys they gave them.

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Supposedly the priests appear in purges with in swamp region, so that’s one thing I guess

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