Why do clans spam landlock for no reason

it is toxic to the server when you get tomany clans doing this as well… i seen it kill the ping and fps on many servers… i agree it is overkill and needs to be adress this isn’t Ark we don’t need that spamming crap here

I’m on a official server where there is huge foundation spam. It’s horrible not only for the eyes xD it also brings lag and is very toxic to make other players unable to build anywhere…

That’s one thing I can’t say about you

That’s sweet.

Wow…so tell me… where is sportsmanship in your “tactics”…sorry you are saying do whatever wins and that is, by definition, toxic. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. There is no sport or fun in doing junk like this. Just blow them up and call it a day. Its literally a waste of resources and quite frankly sloppy. You mention tactics…sorry this isn’t that. This is acting without tactics because it’s easier to do than actual battle. I just wait out these types of folks…they always leave after they push everyone away. I have yet to see any of these folks last longer than 90 days. Most end up leaving in 30 and I collect the spoils after decay.

More “blah blah blah” in a feeble attempt to assign some silly morality to battlefield tactics.

All of this reminds me of the British in the American Revolutionary War. Their idea of “legit” tactics was to have two armies fire muskets at each other. The colonists were having NONE of that and started doing things like assassinating officers, doing ambushes, targeting supply lines, etc. And the Brits had their ■■■■■ handed to them in that war because they were unwilling to adapt.

They called it “uncivilized”. People here call unconventional tactics like this “toxic”. Same thing really. People cannot deal with these sorts of tactics and so they endlessly whine about it on the forums.

In the end, all that matters is who is the winner.

Good luck on the battlefield. Sounds like you are gonna need it :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe this is the first time that I agree with what you’re saying.
But really in war everything is valid.
There is no point in arguing for “lack of sportiness” or “toxicity.”
When there is a possibility that you will lose everything you have conquered, you will surely use all the devices to win.
If you don’t use it, it will be used against you … including bugs / exploits (which at least now we can count on the report to funcom about this).

In my opinion, blocking resources is a valid war strategy. ie: sulfur lake.
Blocking good base spots too, because that way you can control the map and make it easier by having fewer points to look for the enemy.
Gigantic landclaims are also important in making it difficult to position enemy trebuchets or support bases.
Closing obelisks too. this makes it difficult for the enemy to move and farm.

  • Because they are pvp servers, as long as they do not block the initial spawn, there is always a way to farm all sorts of things and you can break all the enemy’s buildings.
    ** Even drying the sulfur lake, the sulfur under water and the caves, there are still some spots that cannot be blocked for example.

As long as this kind of thing exists in the game it is to be used and WILL be used either by you or your enemy.
People say that this is a game and should not be compared to real life … but the truth is that games imitate certain aspects of real life, because in the end we are human and we act as such.

In the Conan exiles settings you are sent as an exile for being a political enemy of thoth-amon or some of his allies
Taken to an alien place to rot or unearth secrets of an ancient civilization (acheron), you have to survive everything and when you think you’ve triumphed, thoth-amon servants launches a PURGE at you to collect everything that you conquered.
The game’s premise itself is barbaric, uncivilized and ruthless.

BTW: the game is based on the Conan settings and not on the character conan itself ***

What funcom could do to make these situations less common:

1- Add an upkeep cost to buildings, the larger the buildings, the greater the material cost to maintain it.

2- Trebuchets should be able to be positioned on top of the enemy claim (thus removing the need to create absurd landclaims, because it won’t help it anyway)

3- Places of interest (i.e.: Sulfur lake, Obelisks) should be places that are not possible to be built in. Or better yet, the construction done in these places, deteriorate rapidly, losing HP, maybe similar to the siptah storm…

4- Avatars should be more difficult to make (a base made in 2 months by a clan, falls easily in 2 days for an experienced clan).
Getting a Thrall Priest Lvl3 ~ 4 is very easy. in a few hours one can
A player alone, can farm 605 zeals in about 2 hours or even less.
Considering the 3 farm rotations: Summoning place + black hand / Asagarth + mounds / Serpermeru.
3 players can farm 3 gods in about 2 hours.

5- Another possibility would be to make the avatars damage only the external parts they are touching and not inside the entire base.

*** New players end up leaving the game quickly after they lose everything easily

This issue of morality and ethics is very complex.

These days a friend of mine decided to take “1x1” against an opponent. He used a bow against this opponent and killed him, right after the fight, the defeated guy was complaining and saying that it wasn’t really PvP and that he didn’t accept defeat and said that my friend was weak and etc etc …

On another more recent occasion, an enemy (Full 50) asked a friend of mine to go 1x1 (my friend was not Full 50 and the enemy knew it). when the 1x1 started Me and 3 other allies ganked and killed the guy . Then he was crying in the global chat saying that we had no honor.

*** BTW, This game is not about 1x1, it is about team-play. if you want 1x1, go play street fighter, mortal kombat and etc.
People tend to think that if the other uses something other than what they know / are used to facing, it is unethical.

It is a little bit hard to accept loss when someone is using brains to win than Valor.
Still if you’re not ready to loose everything this game is not for you.
If you cannot understand that knowledge is everything and not your belongings, this game is not for you.
If you play solo and wait that you are going to survive against experienced clans, you are fooling your self.

For 2 reasons I don’t play pvp anymore , the one is major and the second minor.
Minor. I hate the fact that someone can attack me before I can react. Exiting dungeons or teleporting your character spawns way before you can react, I find this wrong.
Major. my clan stop playing conan exiles. Pvp is a totally different experience, absolutely fun when you have persons to play with. Maybe you grind all the time, but you laugh a lot, the best team game I ever played :wink:.

Conan Exiles is primarily a PvP game and therefore, like other open-world games, attracts the good, the bad, and all the others. Some servers will attract more aggressive players and giant reaping clans, some won’t.

If exploits are being used: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures
You can report, but since there are thousands of servers, policing Official servers is simply impractical. Exploits may get added to The List and get covered by Updates and Patches.

If bullying or spam building, then this is not exploitative, just rubbish playing. It’s unimaginative and can even simply be being done by disenfranchised players trying to make players give up the game, etc. (sometimes these things can even be ‘political’ of all things). You can try reporting via above link.

If no-one plays on a server and it is a ‘dead’ server (???) then you’re likely going to be safe playing on it. If it’s PvP, it is in the name so do not expect anyone else playing to play by the same rules.

You, and your clan, can move to another server that better suits you.
You can move to a private server someone else has set up as private servers are usually actively moderated and therefore harder to exploit/abuse.
You can get either do solo or with a group and set up your own private server where you set the rules.

There are a lot of solutions.

Funnily enough, if you have ever read Robert E. Howard’s books (available for almost nothing on That online ordering site) you will know that Hyboria is not a world of rainbows and unicorns, maidens and minstrels - and if any of those had made an appearance, they would have been over a pillaged and burning city, skinned, ravaged, and been crucified - all in that order.

Conan (and Valeria, Red Sonya and Thorgrim, et al) were not noble heroes and certainly lived by the maxim ‘what’s mine is mine - and what’s yours is mine too’.

Happily, the volume of toxic play is not as bad as it used to be. Many of the old exploits are gone (thank you Funcom) and resulted in many disappointed exploiters moving on to those other two or three open world games instead.

My recommendation: go private server. They are more fun, often have mods, and are usually moderated. […and here endeth the dissertation of the day…]

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Yeah I do this sometimes because of other people trying to be trolls and wall me in its the only way to stop people from walling you in and if they do wall you in funcom is not going to take the time to help its happened to people I know and nothing was done about it

I feel for you, but clans don’t spam landlock for “no reason” - It’s a perfectly legitimate tactic.

They are essentially blockading you. Encircling you, choking your clan out. Its a well used and effective tactic, both in real life and in the virtual worlds we inhabit.

Check out what Julius Caeser did to Vercingetorix in Gaul, ( a brilliant piece of strategy) - Sadly (for your situation) it works very well.

I assume you are on a PvP server? If so , then it’s a 100% legit tactic.

I would however argue that it should not be allowed on PVE-C or PVE servers, because, well lets be honest, it looks truly awful, and probably doesn’t help server lag any.

IMO , PVP is where this type of tactic should stay, since it’s all out clan warfare and, well ‘all’s fair in love and war’ right?
PVE, however is mainly for those who just want to play the game as it is, and perhaps get creative with building , and PVE-C is for those who like to get creative, yet still like to have the odd fight now and then (my personal preference).

I’ve played across all servers (PVP to PVE) and if I was on a PVP server I would expect this kind of tactic, but not on a PVE-C or PVE server, and if it did then I would consider it trolling.

The only way to prevent this is by playing on moderated private servers that specifies in the rules that this tactic is now allowed. Even if this was against the official rules, nothing would happen anyway!

I was on a official SA server in siptah, and a clan blocked MANY map resources which is against the official rules. I reported them like 5 months ago, nothing ever happened everything is still intact!

We can’t access some unique map resources because they build a huge wall around them!

I quit the official servers anyways… But then on private servers, there’s the very common problem… Admin abuse, where admins will cheat, and will also provide cheats to their friends.

So yeah, we have no solution!

You see that crap in rust aswell … the whole virtual rule or system of how you fight somehow hold relevance … it’s as if these players think by being an amazing pvp it’s going to a shinning moment on their LinkedIn profile :crazy_face:

But as stated spamming blocks around the place with zero real effort to me is balance issue the game devs need to factor into the design … players using it is fair game but it’s just a fast way to suffocate potential growth in player numbers

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Again, fir those say it is a real world tactic, then it needs to have the same costs of that tactic. Upkeep for all the bases as over time (24 hrs = @48 days) then weather would start to weaken structures. Thralls would need to sleep and eat, and eventually revolt if mistreated (Sparticus???). You can’t half ■■■ the real world argument if you truly belive it. It is a game that depends on player traffic and game loops. Spamming destroys those substantially.


Still missing multiplayer aspect and fun factor for all involved. If you all area saying the ends justify the means, then undermeshing is acceptable because you can do it…It’s not…just FYI. So there needs to be some self regulation because a clever person that has access to youtube can make the world an ugly place for really everyone…including the player being a jerk.


Yeah we might have a “limited” view of PvP but if your way of PvP means driving off people from playing CE in your server then you indeed have failed, regardless of whether you have an arbitary leaderboard in the server being an “alpha” clan or not. When there is nobody left to ‘win’ over, then what did you really play for?

Yeah its a persistent sand box world which means it is a game thats meant to be played in the long run. And while all these “master/slave” mentality bs is being pandered, people are running to private servers instead which in the end just shows how far away Funcom and regular players have in agreement to what constitute a great playing experience.

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