Why I dont take the gaming community seriously - Cyberpunk

If you’ve been salty and wringing your hands over CE’s latest gaffs, then you will never pay $60 dollars for CDPR’s Cyberpunk mess…or did you?
Cyberpunk 2077’ Sets New Record With Over One Million Concurrent People Playing The Game.

Have fun, and I cant even imagine what that forum looks like. An ocean of tears.


And by tomorrow, there’ll probably already be people complaining that the game was better yesterday :wink:


At least they dont have to put up with hackers and undermeshers.

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Balance doesn’t really matter in a single player game.
CP is probably already more polished than CE
I never buy games on release anyway, and it has probably been patched at least a couple of times when I buy it.


Which is sort of ironic, given that it’s cyberpunk.


LOL, The graphics in Cyberpunk are trash. One thing that always keeps me coming back to CE is the pure graphics, they nailed it.

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Maybe they didn’t. It doesn’t seem like CE lost any players.

Which doesn’t surprise me. CP2077 is a singleplayer RPG. Sure people are going to play the hell out of it for the next week, but they’re still going to login to their favorite MP game to do their daily/weekly chores. Its also not going to replace their time played.

But this is what happens when we compare apples to oranges.

I get the point you’re trying to make. But this is a poor analogy in my opinion.


I don’t, honestly. Is the point that the attitude towards bugs in a game has to be a binary thing? Either you don’t tolerate any bugs at all, ever, or you have to accept all bugs and tolerate them staying unfixed forever?

It’s not like CP2077 has had months of Early Access, followed by a couple of years on the market.


Maybe there are more people like me who prefer to wait for a month or two and let the more enthusiastic and less patient people field-test the new shiny game, and the developers to fix any critical bugs that pop up during the first weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for Cyberpunk. I pre-ordered it as soon as it became available. But I don’t want to ruin my first impression by trying it out too soon.


This. Of course I stopped playing CE (again) before CP, so there’s no direct correlation. The decay system means that I have no incentive to return.

Followed by being unceremoniously dumped back into Early Access :rofl:


Cyberpunk did not have early access, and it has been in development over nine years.
Its more about the hypocrisy of gamers in general, the “wait and see” lie.
So over a million gamers (and it doesn’t matter if its MMO or SP ) jumped blindly into a game, paying a premium price, that nobody had ever played before.
I dont think I said one word about bugs, but the game is a bugfest nightmare, since you brought that up.

to each his own… the graphics of CE are pretty meh to me. Not great, not terrible.

I thought the mention of “CE’s latest gaffs” referred to bugs, but maybe I misunderstood. Maybe it’s about the inaccurate patch notes (although they seem to be doing a much better job with the last few TestLive patches), or about communication problems, or about weird game design choices, or about lack of proper and consistent support for official servers.

If your point is not about bugs, then I’m even more confused. At least the prevalence of bugs and the speed with which they fix them are metrics you can compare. Everything else is … not even apples to oranges, more like giraffes to jumper cables.

Well, yes. I’m not sure what hypocrisy we’re talking about. I don’t know about the other 999,999 gamers, but I know I preordered CP2077 because I thoroughly enjoyed other CDPR games and I also like what the company has been doing in general.

It’s kinda like why I’ll buy a new Brandon Sanderson book without thinking twice, as soon as it’s available for purchase, but I’ll wait to see what people say about a new Neal Stephenson book. It’s because I know I liked all of Sanderson’s books so far, but Stephenson has been hit and miss at best. :man_shrugging:


Your totally right…you dont understand. Lets just leave it at that.

I’ve read somewhere on the internet that part of the bugfest nightmare is happening because console players figured out that they could play the game early by changing their console’s time zone. As a result, they were playing the game before the day 1 patch had been applied.

the thread is stupid. CE doesn’t have a million players. So it’s obviously not a million CE players who’re playing CP with bugs and everything.

There’s no hypocrisy when it’s not the same people.

And Conan wasn’t fixed a couple of months after release, so people complaining about CE is absolutely not the same.

We all know about day one patches these days. People who choose to buy on day one know what they (often) get themselves in to. If they know anything about CDPR they know it’s the same with them.

The real hypocrisy is going after people who complain about a game because it hasn’t been fixed years after launch, just because they accept a game that hasn’t been fixed on day one.

But do you? You do know that they have 3 Patches in 24 hours,right? And their Patches fix what they say it is fixed, unlike CE devs…

And sincerely at the number of players they have…it does not even Matter…


I just checked some of a 4k CP stream. To prefer one style of graphics over another is one thing, but to say CP graphics are thrash compared to CE… Just lol.


This is not related to Conan Exiles.