Is this game still in beta?

I can’t remember the last time I played a game with so many bugs.
The most infuriating one is that I almost never respawn, I have to shut the game down and reboot my computer every time I die since if I just try to restart it it says it’s already running.
Often when I do respawn or even just start the game for another session I end up losing hours of previous gameplay. This one has got me close to giving up today when I logged in and lost about 3 hours of game play from the night before, this is the 4th time this week that this has happened.
Not being able to attack anything that’s lower in elevation, a real pain when you have 4 or 5 mobs on you on a slope and you have to keep trying to reposition to hit them, IF you can even hit them which leads to another issue of not being able to hit them at all. This last one I at first pout up to being new and not knowing something about the game mechanics but I often will go into some village and kill 10 mobs with no problem then die to one that I just can’t hit. I go back and then kill the same mob with no problem.
Not being able to harvest things again because they are lower than you. I figured out a trick to swing and hit C at the same time but ffs can’t they get something as simple as targeting right?

I’ve just been playing single player learning the game but there’s no way in hell I’ll play on an open server with such a buggy game.


Battlecruser 3000 was worse needed 3 patches before they could review it.
You are correct that it is still beta and the complaints makes me think it going back to Alpha.
Have and closed 2 servers since launch.
Will try again when I see The complaints turn to compliments.

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WoW had a terrible launch and they were juicing you for 15/month on top of that

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It doesnt even compare the launch day having problems with nearly 3 month post launch.

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Officially, no.

Technicially, yes.


Technically, yes. The game is not ready for a full release yet. If I had to compare the game to a house, conan would have a really beautiful decorated exterior full of splendor and luxurity but once you step inside you got raw stones, bricks, blank cables, no floors, a hole where the toilet should be and a bucket for the shower.

Does this make the game any less enjoyable? No, it offers alot for what you pay. For the money you pay you can have hundreds of hours of enjoyment. At every corner you can feel that its unfinished. You can see what fun had in mind with this and that concept of the game but hadnt implented it yet, didnt think it through, didnt have enough time to fully flesh this and that out. Everyone who plays 100 hours of conan can see this.

And this is EXACTLY why I bought the game and why I will buy those ridiculously overpriced 10 euro dlc cosmetics: Funcom needs more time to finish the game. And time means lots of money to pay for it. I saw a video on how much it costs to upkeep a small team of game developers per month and its expensive as hell. And they do not reek in the cash like ARK does.

When you play the game you see the vision that they have, the heartblood they put into this, the ideas, the will to make this game great and better. But this vision is in a distant future still and needs years to get where they want it to be. I am willing to support them in their venture to make the game that I can see in the distant.

Or in short: I can see their vision of the game and I want them to get there because this game could be very well the best sandbox game out there. In 2 to 3 years.


That’s all well and good when playing offline. However, the servers crashes and issues are so frequent that playing online in any sort of proper capacity is impossible.

With Conan Exiles, Funcom invented the gamma state of game development.


I disagree, aspargus. You are free to invest your money in anything you want, but when I bought it for a complete game, I did not pay for a game in “fix” or “development” stage. And it is worth remembering: it is VERY convenient for Funcom not to have concrete deadlines to deal with this “small problem”. No matter the vast potential of a game or the fact that you have a special affection for it, at the end of the day we are talking about honesty and respect for the consumer… or in this case, the players.

I do not deny that the game can be fun and interesting for a while, but if you have to deal with flaws, limitations or bizarre things that affect and damage your gameplay on a daily basis, the trend is that it is gradually replaced by insecurity, dissatisfaction and indignation. If you think this cycle is tolerable, the choice is yours.

If Funcom had any reason for not being able to deliver the “right” product that would be marketed, the more mature and honest stance would be postponing the launch. Because? Because the consumer would not have to adapt to this frustration for “indeterminate time”. And this is a basic rule of market or trade. If you buy something that arrives defective in your home, the tendency is you want to get financial compensation or want to replace the merchandise with another equivalent. Well, in the case of Conan, our options are quite limited.

I do not care about the future of the game or the eventual prerogatives of Funcom when I am deceived into buying it. I personally have no interest in spending a penny on after receiving an unfinished product being that the seller was aware of it. This demonstrates, at least, bad faith.

And another thing: if the player thinks Funcom’s stance is “valid” or “justified”, imagine how the gaming industry would be in chaos - at least involving players - buying a “complete” game that becomes a trap in the leisure hours? And more: as I said in other posts in this forum, selling a functional game with satisfactory performance is Funcom’s obligation (this is a prerequisite of any game that is officially released). If the developer chose a path to the detriment of the consumer, I will not applaud or praise harmful behavior.


And this is exactly what I have been trying to get across here for a few weeks. I do not work for Funcom. Therefore I should not have to be game testing the game you released as complete. The game is broken. You sold a game that you claimed was complete. This game is not. Therefore I should be able to get my money back for it. The thing is I sincerely think that no one play tests this game or their patches and they release stuff so the public can do that for them. I did not enter into a contract with Funcom and again I am not employed by Funcom. This game should be fully released as it was sold as one but in reality it is still in early access.


Considering so many payed so little for Conan … and considering it was part of the steam, summer sale… this is a small investment compared to what many players have invested in other games… that have disappeared …that they invested far more money. Look at Paragon many folks put a ton of money in. Conan at the most is a 59 dollar game on console with a 9.99 dlc. But thats not the reality for many. I look at the entertainment value based on how many hours I played. nearly 1400 hours invested in Conan. The cost to time value is a bargain.

Too many trolls not wanting to use logic because its easier to just rage and rage. My server is not crashing everyday. I don’t see players in my community logging onto discord and screaming bloody murder over bugs.

The only drama is based on pvp and raiding.


You also dont play on PS4 apparently. And now it is just common practice for us to just be alright because you didn’t spend as much as other games??? That thinking is what got us here in the first place. This is the problem.


Ps4 is unplayable either online or solo. End of. Its a breach of consumer law to sell a product not fit for purpose, funcom going to have to fix the ps4 version soon or this will end badly for them.

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official only for funcom, but beta for everyone else


This. I think most will agree…CE has been a bargain. I do bought in early…very early…like arguably the first purchase. :smiley::sunglasses::heart_eyes:

Currently though this game is not stable at the foundation level. I had a private high performance server going and it is now down until this gets stabilized. In lieu of your 1400 hours it could easily be 2800 or 5000. The game is more than Beta. As others have said…Gamma may be more appropriate. FC simply needs to improve their QC and NOT rely upon their test live server for reliable data. Simple as that.

I think that for those who purchased in the early access phase, I think we expected the “official launch” to be this way, and we are a little more accepting of the bugs. We didn’t pay for a perfect game, and waiting a little longer isn’t that painful. I’ve got other things to play, I just hope it gets completed before the player base has totally moved on.

Those that bought in after the supposed official release, I can certainly sympathize. They paid more and got less than they were expecting.

It has been well worth the money invested for the time and fun spent in the game, but yes, it doesn’t feel any less buggy than when I was playing in early access.

There is a limit to the number of times that I am willing to start over ‘to play for real this time’ only to find out that i still can’t play for real because the game is still not finished.


I have been on a break since may 1, I never play from may to august because short summers where I live. But before may 1, I played this game for over 1800 hours. And it seems the amount of bugs has been more or less constant through early access until today. A month before release they had a decent version on testlive servers, that was probably the best I ever saw it. But they managed to fukk that up even before launch lol.

But yea, as much as we all love to hate Funcom for beeing such bastards. We all see and experience the amazing work the devs put in. Just take a look at the graphic detail in this game(when its working properly), it’s stunning! Then… we see Jens and “community” guys on the livestreams, barely able to play their own game talking about updates no one cares about(until the game is stable enough to play).

Yea, its a shi**y situation we’re all in, because even tho we see the greed of the shareholders in the way Funcom are acting, we all love the idea of what the game could be(if they let gamers make decisions instead of marketing/sales strategies). Every now and then there is a stable build for weeks until they ruin it again, but those weeks are amazing, aren’t they? :slight_smile:

And I agree, this game is still in a beta state, they released it early for the money it’s obvious. If they spent half of the mouney they made off the game ON the game we would have the best game in the world today. But knowing they picked their head office in the most expensive area, in the most expensive city in this part of the world… I bet first priority will be new furniture and nice company cars. But maybe after all the business people start on the next project, some dedicated leftover devs will be able to salvage this game without what ever tyrant are forcing them to focus on the wrong things.
Maybe then we can all hold hands and kill eachother happily ever after… Only Crom knows…

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they take the money and create more dlcs

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