Why is it considered acceptable to ban people that have violated no terms of service?

They’re not.

then you my friend are on the only freak server. EVERY SERVER I have ever played on has someone built in Dagon’s embrace, the light that guides them, Old Nebthu, Deseter’s gateway, Old Tradeway, Tyros passage, the Avenue of the Sun, the Gateway of the moon. If you think no one has built in any of those - you need to go look again. Unless your server has no activity someone has built in at least one of those. But more to the point - Funcom never calls that out as taboo in their terms of services. So whether anyone has built there or not on your server, there is no award given other than marking you map - which you can get in everyone of those areas even when someone is built there. Log in top PVE-C 1942 and go look in every one of those locations. EVERY SINGLE ONE has a build there. EVEN crevice - which is NOT ME if you read my post. So yeah. BS

For the last 2 and a half years, I can say with 110% certainty that no one on the servers I’ve played on have built in those locations. I am willing to bet a 6 figure amount on that.

The problem here is your definition of “POI” is based on an unofficial map.

I suppose a better way to explain it would be to use Funcom’s terminology of “landmark.”

The Crevice is a landmark, you cannot build over landmarks according to the post Kikigirl screenshotted (a link to the original would be better if you’ve got it).

Explore the entire Exiled Lands requires you to be able to find all landmarks. I don’t know if your base prevented The Crevice landmark from being discoverable, as I can’t see what it looked like, but this entire topic is just speculation since Funcom does not explain why people get suspended in any more than a few vague words.

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OK, then if someone came on the map on this server and looked they would see I am not in ANY of the locations we just talked about but EVERY. SINGLE. ONE .has a building on it. Did they get banned? NO! Just me. Why? Because someone completed a form. Not because I am doing anything that is a violation of TOS. Again - the crevice was an old situation to prove the point because we have all been there, We all know you dont have to pass through the crevice to get credit for it. Which is why I still had the map locations for Dagon breath even though clans are built on both sides, Why I have the dam even tho someone is built there. But the point is - NO ONE LOGGED ON. NO ONE VERIFIED. and I have no rights

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Yes. Because Funcom don’t actively patrol servers looking for violations, they follow up on reports. You got reported because you made enemies on your server.

Well, the rules for official servers do say,

Of course “other areas” is super vague, and the fact that it apparently also means landmarks is something not clarified in either the terms of conduct or clarification post on land claim abuse, leaving players to mindread or happen across whatever topic Kikigirl posted in.

I think that is an unreasonable accusation.

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Here’s the proof that The Crevice is a PoI:

From the MapMarkers Datatable in the Devkit.


It’s not just a cave, it is a passage. … a shortcut.
It has a little story to tell, but you have to look for it. The story is in the bones you find there. That’s what makes it a POI (more specifically: a Point Of Interest).


Half this topic is people shouting past each other because they are using different definitions of “POI.”


but again, I was not built there when I was banned. I was built in a 3 by 5 two story in Deserter’s gateway

Well, Deserter’s Gutter is a landmark too.


It is not unreasonable when I called out where I was built and where the clan is - I am a 3 by 5 in deserter’s gutter not even blocking that passageway. No POI being blocked there. The clan has a building on the river N of Hand of the maker - Again nothiing there. And one on the river to the W of Betrayer’s bridge on the first waterful south of where the river starts - not blocking anything there. Since there is NOTHING BEING BLOCKED I had to have been banned with no one looking! THERE is no other possibility.

And I am not the first to raise this issue. It has been a point of contention on the forums for months. So Stop looking for a reason for the banning and tell me why it is OK to be banned without an explanation = banned for blocking content when there is no content to be blocked - in spite of the debate about whether crevice is a do not build zone - in which case Funcom should block it from the ability to build there since it so highly offensive to three responding here. - clearly it is not understood that map locations are not to be built on! AN NOTHING IN THE TOS I just read indicates those are do not build zones!

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ITS NOT BLOCKED. I have a tiny build not hampering any one from running through. You are making it terribly obvious that this is a personal attack. How does a 3x 5 on the edge of the gutter violate TOS?

give me those servers - I will have my clan mates go check them - guarantee unless the server has no activity - someone is built in at least one of them

I won’t do that, because I completely agree that Funcom needs to be more clear on suspension reasons.

Players should not be forced to guess, theorize, and speculate and then walk on eggshells because they have no idea what might get the hammer drop on them next.

A single short sentence on the suspended notice is not an acceptable level of communication.

The way Funcom is currently handling their server moderation is absolutely substandard and their repeated admission to that fact doesn’t make it any better.


What Im curious about, if sumrrain built inside Deserters Gutter, and it still allowed players to walk through it…

…the people arguing against him are solely doing it to troll them.

You can LITERALLY climb onto Deserters Gutter to discover the POI if you need to.
You can LITERALLY walk through it to discover it.
You can LITERALLY walk up next to the ruin to discover it.

This is 100% another example of weaponizing the reporting system. Assuming what the OP said about their build is accurate, and that people could still enter the ruin, shame on the person who reported their clan, and more importantly, shame on the person from Funcom who actually banned them - what an incredibly stupid move.

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That does not solve the post. Not sure why it is marked as such My issue is
I do not understand why Funcom thinks it is OK to ban players with no option to appeal their ban unless the ban was permanent. But Its not right to block someone from playing until all of their stuff decays because someone claimed they were blocking content when they are NOT.

This week, I am playing on a new server with beautiful builds that are HUGE and well above TOS for causing lag issues. So someone says in chat something about builds blocking content. I replied to that saying to the server in general - if you are blocking content, please correct or I will report you. I have a small build in deserters gutter that is not even close to closing that off. The clan has a build near the top of the river to the W of Betrayer’s bridge that is over the first waterfall - blocking nothing and their initial build on the river just n of hand of the betrayers - none of the builds are blocking content nor overly large.

So imagine my surprise when I got to log in and I am banned for 30 days for blocking content. I have no recourse because I am not banned. The clan is not banned. Only I am banned. I have not violated any terms in service. It seems I was retaliated against for trying to get players to abide by the terms of service.

So responding to a side aspect that is not the main topic does not
“Solve the post!”

I am shocked by that “solved” mark and had no expectation or anticipation of it.
I solved nothing.

The crap you went through tells me without a doubt, people can and will be dicks in the case of getting you banned when it is them who should have been banned along with all their structures destroyed.
It was a dirty damned, underhanded trick and a jack slap right in your face just for speaking out to them. They apparently know how to do it and used this “weaponization” against you.
Forget being civilized when it comes to crap such as that.
One dirty trick deserves a payback and their time will come.
Say nothing. Don’t give warning and don’t do it alone.
Just pile up the legitimate reports on FC and let them do the work.
It’s time to start cleaning house.

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Ask the server admin there. They’ll explain it to you.

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Theres no need to explain anything though, because a 3x5 inside Deserters Gutter is not an offence to the TOS. If it is, it just legitimized people to report every single base they see on the map. Think that idea is stupid and extreme? So is reporting someone inside Deserters Gutter.