Why is it considered acceptable to ban people that have violated no terms of service?

I do not understand why Funcom thinks it is OK to ban players with no option to appeal their ban unless the ban was permanent. But Its not right to block someone from playing until all of their stuff decays because someone claimed they were blocking content when they are NOT. I have been blocked twice now by funcom when someone accused me of blocking content. I am not. My build is not excessive. I am not an obnoxious player, I rarely talk in chat. When I do it is almost always to answer someones question or offer assistance.

The first time I was blocked was on a PVP server where a team of known dupers where hitting our base in the crevice. The clan leader told them they were being reported - which I believe he did. IDK - I dont live with him. The next day we are banned for blocking content - in the Crevice! WHAT CONTENT is in the crevice?

This week, I am playing on a new server with beautiful builds that are HUGE and well above TOS for causing lag issues. So someone says in chat something about builds blocking content. I replied to that saying to the server in general - if you are blocking content, please correct or I will report you. I have a small build in deserters gutter that is not even close to closing that off. The clan has a build near the top of the river to the W of Betrayer’s bridge that is over the first waterfall - blocking nothing and their initial build on the river just n of hand of the betrayers - none of the builds are blocking content nor overly large.

So imagine my surprise when I got to log in and I am banned for 30 days for blocking content. I have no recourse because I am not banned. The clan is not banned. Only I am banned. I have not violated any terms in service. It seems I was retaliated against for trying to get players to abide by the terms of service.

Now I have to be out of the game for 30 days. I have no recourse. Whomever falsely reported me is having a field day - one they won and two - they get all the resources when my base decays. Way to reward bad behavior and punish people that are doing nothing wrong. I really dont understand why Funcom thinks this is acceptable. I will be uninstalling Conan as the next report will land me in a permanent ban even though I have never violated terms of service. EVEN if I get them to reverse the perma ban - I have no doubt it will put me back one step - not start me over and the players that find this a funny way to deal with people they dont like laugh their arses off as they are allowed to continue to play.


I would guess it’s the POI. The discovery of the POI is a necessary part of a journey step, and if that’s blocked, others can’t complete that journey step.

However, the real problem here is that both you and I are guessing, because Funcom doesn’t give you enough details to understand what you did and avoid repeating the violation.

This contradicts explicitly what they state in the rules and should be corrected. However, the correction might end up in having your whole clan suspended, rather than just you.

But there is literally nothing in the crevice… There is no POI in that. We were careful when we built to block nothing. the issue was the dupers couldn’t get our supplies by killing us so they resorted to reporting us for something we weren’t doing and bam! - they got our entire clan (10-12 active members)'s worth of everything. Like I said, way to reward the cheaters and punish the ppl not doing anything wrong. Smacks of the early isle of siptah days where you could not hold on to anything you gained in summoning storms because the undermeshers would come grab it off your wheel as soon as it was done.

And as far as blocking the entire clan - they cant now. I was playing on PVE-C and PVE. I gave up on PVP because I am not willing to spend every single night logged in to guard the base and that is clearly what Funcom was designing to have be the normal game play. so I don’t know and they won’t know which server and therefore which clan. I came back to build. It is what I enjoyed about the game in the beginning. But you can’t do that now because you get banned if someone wants to build where you are.

Isn’t the crevice a discoverable poi on the map?


No - if you go pull up the interactive map is it marked as a cave but not a POI. Not as anything other than a cave. seriously mark every single thing. NOT A THING in the Crevice. It was 100% BS then and it is this time!

TOS does not say we cannot build in caves - it does say we cannot block content. The ghost treb - Bjorn’s stand - in the valley on the W side is - but we were not built anywhere near that far out. If they define content as being a cave - they will have to come out and say that because nothing they have said gives me that impression.

Being a cave doesn’t make it not a POI.

If building over discoverable locations is a bannable offense, then I don’t know why these aren’t no-build zones.

If anywhere on the map is a specific location where Funcom does not want you to build, they have the tools to prevent you from building there and should use them.


Does it really matter at this point? Funcom doesn’t care about their player base. They have allowed themselves to be weaponized. My clan and I got banned just before the 3.0 update, lost over 6 months of play time and items. Just to come back to a completely broken update. Haven’t played since and won’t play ever again. I’ve got 96 days of play time and it’s my favorite game to play. Bought a series X just because it ran Conan better. $&$& funcom!! I hope they like the only 100 bucks they’ll ever see from me or anyone I play with. Cheap at the price to never worry about what funcom is doing to a great game. Really the best survival builder and worst developer!!!

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I don’t know what you consider a POI, but what I was referring to is a location on the in-game map that can be discovered and is required for the completion of the journey step “Explore the entire Exiled Lands”.

Because we’re talking about official server rules. If something is against the official server rules, it might not be against rules on all private servers, not to mention that single-player games don’t have rules like that.

Adding a new no-build zone would affect private servers and single-player games. Of course, now they’ve added the option to disable no-build zones, that’s less of a problem than before, but it’s still a problem.

Think about all the private servers where building inside the Crevice isn’t frowned upon. If Funcom adds a new no-build zone there, should all those private servers have to completely disable all no build zones just to cope with that change? Should all those private server admins now have to keep checking by hand all the places that are normally no-build zones, except that one?

If Funcom doesn’t want you to build in certain spots on official servers, the rules and enforcement of those rules is the right way to go, in the absence of a configurable no-build zone system.

However, those rules should be clearer and players should be able to get information about how they broke the rules, so we wouldn’t have to keep speculating on the forums about what the violation was.

Take for example the issue of blocking POIs. I don’t even know how long it has been and how many times this discussion has popped up, and all this time nobody from Funcom has bothered to step in and clarify this. We still don’t have any official verdict on whether blocking POIs is against the rules or not.

Just uh, throwing this in here


Devs don’t make changes in the game due to rules and policies of any server, FC provided or not. The developers treat FC provided servers as if they were private servers. Developers and Server Admins are two different departments in different rooms (and potentially different countries).

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Don’t play stupid.
The Crevice is a known passage way and a shortcut between two areas on the map with 3 entrances.
There’s even another passage way not far from that and higher up with boulders blocking the way through, but it’s neither a landmark or a POI (take a hint).
So your leader was dumb enough to try reporting them for their so-call infraction.
Well guess what, they knew you were in a place you shouldn’t have been and you got your butts handed to you officially.
You want to use the crevice and the other passage … fine … do it in SP or rent your own server.
But you got what you deserved.

Note: If you want to try playing “Civilized” … try talking to the veterans who live there. They might even be helpful enough to let you know where NOT to build.

Bubbah, weaponization works TWO ways.
In your favor or against you.
You decide how to use it wisely.

Uh, dude really? Arrogant much? It is NOT a POI - go pull it up on interactive map -IT IS NOTHING. But thanks for showing your ignorance! There is absolutely NOTHING we are violating to build there. There is nothing being blocked and if you had bothered to R E A D - it wasnt even about that - that was the previous supposed infraction! It was about the issue that someone can report you when you are doing nothing and you get banned. No one checks. No appeal allowed. Really, if you cant be nice, try keeping your mouth shut

You should go take a personal closer look at it.
The Crevice IS a POI.
That’s all I’m going to say.

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Dude - IT IS NOT ! EVERY SINGLE ITEM on the map marked - NOT ONE on the crevice.

Your image show’s the Crevice as a PoI.

If a location shows up in game as an icon of any sort, it is a PoI as it gives exp for exploring it and pops up on the map. The icon type is irrelevant.

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No it doesnt. It shows as a CAVE! That is what I said above- the ONLY thing it shows as it a cave - which is not listed by funcom as a DO NOT build area. If you took the time to pull it up you would know what the map is showing. POI is marked as
on this map.

AND AGAIN!!! You are missing the point. Whether you can read a map or not - whether you can find a journey step for finding the crevice - let me know. I have nothing. But the point is I was banned for building a small base in deserters gutter that isnt even blocking that passthrough! Thw only thing I was provide is I was banned for blocking content. No reference to what server -what location, no on validated it or they would have seen I am not blocking ANYTHING! If is happened to me and I am blocking nothing - it will happen to you! It is only a matter of time!

And by your argument no one can build at Daigon’s embrace. Tell me no one is built there on your server! No one can build at Ruins of Old Nebthu, Tyros’s passage, the old tradeway - those are all similarly noted on the map but people build in those every day!

They’re not.

then you my friend are on the only freak server. EVERY SERVER I have ever played on has someone built in Dagon’s embrace, the light that guides them, Old Nebthu, Deseter’s gateway, Old Tradeway, Tyros passage, the Avenue of the Sun, the Gateway of the moon. If you think no one has built in any of those - you need to go look again. Unless your server has no activity someone has built in at least one of those. But more to the point - Funcom never calls that out as taboo in their terms of services. So whether anyone has built there or not on your server, there is no award given other than marking you map - which you can get in everyone of those areas even when someone is built there. Log in top PVE-C 1942 and go look in every one of those locations. EVERY SINGLE ONE has a build there. EVEN crevice - which is NOT ME if you read my post. So yeah. BS

For the last 2 and a half years, I can say with 110% certainty that no one on the servers I’ve played on have built in those locations. I am willing to bet a 6 figure amount on that.