Is building in the Crevice actually reportable?

Came back to the game recently and decided to try a PVE-C server for a change to focus on the building aspect of a game for a while, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Crevice became available so I thought about doing an interesting build there. Two weeks later after becoming quite established there, it dawned on me, “What if someone did a false report out of spite saying I closed off a ‘shortcut’?” The rules are pretty ambiguous, so it would be really cool if a mod or something could shed some light on this issue.

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Became available how?

From what I understand people have been banned for building there.

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I assume the previous building deteriorated because all that was left were some thralls. I can’t imagine them banning people for building there, that would be crazy. If they didn’t want people to build there they could have turned the building off for that location. My concern is that someone will say I’m blocking access to map completion (even though you can get it by climbing on top too.) I’ve never actually heard of someone getting their base deleted here, but that’s what I was hoping to have someone shed some light on.

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With over 5 years of playing (on and off, 6k+ hours on my latest character) I can confirm players HAVE been reported and BANNED for building in The Crevice. But that was before Funcom have come out recently by insuating that they would not be bringing the ban hammer down so frequently. Blocking of 3 skull world bosses anybody…?

I know that it’s a P.O.I. in The Crevice, so beware. You may, or may not, be reported, and as a result you may, or may not, be banned. Clear as mud, right?

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Being it is technically a great shortcut, just open a pathway thru your base. Not woth doors, but an actual tunnel. That should (guessing) keep it safe from banning.


If an admin deletes it it’s the same. Ever think there reason a choice spot like that is empty is BECAUSE the previous build got banned?

Quit a few people have been banned for building there. This is one of many areas people love to build that will get you banned.

If you have to build to accommodate public access maybe don’t build there?

Note: There are a lot of build ban areas were you can build. Make 0 sense to me, if it’s a TOS infraction to build there simply make it a no build zone.

An often discussed subject here.

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That is a great idea.

The problem with trusting someone else’s guess is that you’re betting your access to official servers on that guess being right. Given Funcom’s refusal to communicate about these things – either by clarifying when asked or by giving the detailed reason for suspension after it happens – I personally wouldn’t bet on anyone’s guess.


Ok how many people use crevice as a short cut around the mountain? Maybe because someone is always built in there but I have never thought ‘awesome I can cut through here climb up/down real quick to get through the pass that is literally only 30 seconds more to run around it’ The two main openings are on the same side of the mountain. It’s only that 3rd opening next to bjorner’s stand that gives you the path through the mountain and you gotta climb 4-6 foundations high to get that access. We won’t talk about the chimney because that’s just silly as far as paths go and I think it was solely designed into the game to provide opportunity to sneak into the area if someone’s entrenched.

I just always go around unless I want to get a bear cub which then there is a far better path through to that position if you climb just a bit and pick your way through


I have come to the following conclusion:

Any discussion amongst Players in a good faith effort to better understand the Rules about building, is ultimately moot.
There is a lot of grey area in the Guidelines, and some of the specific decisions made by the Company do not seem consistent with the spirit of the Guidelines, World Bosses as an example.

The Company will interpret the Rules as they see fit for any specific report, and they are not obliged to explain why they made the decision they did.

I know people who have reported literal undermesh bases and skybases over a month ago and Funcom/zendesk haven’t wiped them or even so much as sent back a reply email. If your crevice gets dev wiped you are rather unlucky.

For me it is an ad hoc no build zone. Over half of the servers I spent more time on saw builds dev wiped at Crevice.

This has been a ongoing discussion for years now. What is appropriate? What isn’t? They won’t clarify.

The category Funcom gives for these dev wipes are blocking of resources or areas to prevent others from building (paraphrasing) for the most part.

There are 6 possible issues I can think of off the top of my head in that general area:

  • the POI marker
  • the pig spawns with babies
  • the goat spawns
  • stone
  • blocking pathway
  • overbuilding and use of memory intensive items.

I can say definitively, like @erjoh, I wouldn’t consider this in my travels as an easy route.

To me, as long as the POI is still discoverable that should be ok.

Having not despawned the goat or pig spawns? Perfect.

That really leaves the 2 other issues:

Stone… Stone. The most plentiful resource available everywhere.

Or, overbuilding and lagging the server. Can’t say that happened to me when I witnessed the builds before they were dev wiped.

Begs the question if memory intensive items go under a blanket category? Who knows. They won’t tell us.

Of course I’m musing here because they won’t clarify or elaborate.

When I get a moment at home I’ll share a screenshot reply I recieved from a moderator about my advice in this area.

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Oh man things are getting more odd recently. Since FC not consider world boss blocking an infraction, i not sure to tell what is or what is not anymore. I adopeted the following posture, if im in doubt i dont do. Make your presence on the server less noticiable as possible then poeple may left you alone.

I did consider it after you mentioned it. You may be right. I’m just surprised because I’ve built in Crevice many times over the years on PVP servers, with atrocious gate stacking at that, and never had any issues. I was shocked to learn that they take issue with people building here, I don’t understand why they don’t just disable building there, or at the very least make an official statement regarding it and/or add it to the rules. Why don’t the admins clarify? Surely there are at least forum moderators here who know the rules right?

Do you think I’ll have an issue if I leave the gate frames and just take the gates off?

DEVS… a reply to this would be nice. Considering The Crevice has been a part of my base on top of that mountain for YEARS I would appreciate knowing whether I should now move. …


On every Official, The Crevice is pretty much the endgame base. I speak for myself, but this would be something important for the Devs to address before I think about returning to Officials.


You’re thinking like a regular player, or like a dedicated admin. Funcom’s admins are unlikely to be the former, and they’re most definitely not the latter. They’re people who receive a bunch of reports from players on a server they don’t play on, and once those reports convince them they should spend time investigating, they have to go and spend the minimum necessary time to investigate whether they should wipe and suspend you. The key word there being “minimum”, because there’s more then a thousand official servers and a bunch of other reports to work on. Oh, and it’s most likely just their job, not their hobby or passion.

So the question you should ask yourself is: what’s stopping you from putting the gates back on? Someone gets pissed off at you and tells you in chat they reported you, you take the gates off for a while to make sure the admins don’t see them, then later put them back on again. It wouldn’t surprise me if Funcom admin’s didn’t want to deal with the hassle and just decided that gate frame is enough to act upon.


This is exactly why I left. Not because I can’t follow the rules or because I like The Crevice. Quite the contrary. For competition I like to let clans take The Crevice, or with Allies even enable ambitious Solos to take it. To think it’s just another tactic to let someone build up there only to purposefully get them banned is not the game I want to be playing.


I truly believe it was designed to be a base location. When it started coming out about it being a protected site…sad times. I would much rather have Crevice open and keyhole banned.