Official server policy

i built 6k pieces inside the crevice cave.
is this to much and will get me banned? or am i doing it legally


There is not set limit, and only very loose guidelines. But you’re probably fine.

All depends if someone reports you. Its so hit and miss. Play the game, dont be a d*ck, and youll be fine.


Or you might get banned like I did.


just avoid building a city :stuck_out_tongue: . some are lucky and not banned. like someone from my server . if you want build a city build in uncrowded places

No one from Funcom will give you a straight answer other than the possibility that they may link the ToC and Land Claim Abuse posts. Or to go to Zendesk…

What you’ll get is varying degrees of opinions ^. Here’s my take:

• Crevice is a discoverable titled Point of Interest, make sure to not overbuild in the spot and ensure other players are able to benefit from discovering it.
• Don’t stack in any way, whether it is cheesing the building system by ceiling or wall stacking. Include doors and gates in this mixture.
• Be wary of building in perma structures and caves in general. As others have pointed out it is a hit or miss when it comes to WHAT the actual problem IS that would force the admin reviewing to use the hammer. Some believe it is building in these places at all…
• Ensure every single space has a purpose.
• Some have suggested that Crevice is a pathway, this has never been clarified by Funcom, but you cannot block pathways. Keep this thought in mind.
• Do not despawn the piggies!
• Ensure that you have read the two links from the beginning. Whether you can come to an understanding of what everything absolutely means in them or not is not a dig on your character. We’re not idiots right?


Not idiot’s just slightly confused :neutral_face:. After all what day is it? Rules and Regulations? @Kikigirl

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On PVE or PVE/C servers, Id agree with this. PVP servers this is a horrible rule.

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Hell what year is it??

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Well, I agree to a point. I understand why players are bound by ToC in not preventing others from discovering PoIs and why we’re not supposed to build on camps, spawns, etc.,…

The bowl entrance seems to be where the discovery point is and even if someone is built fairly beefy there, it is usually discoverable.

Now whether or not Funcom/Zendesk admins agree? Hard to say, they won’t clarify.

As I’ve said before, it is an ad-hoc no-build zone for me and my clan as I’ve seen way too many people suspended for building there.


Umm not sure :thinking:. Definitely understand there is a need for improvement though out the game being pve pve-c and I would assume pvp. No animosity to any group sorry if I came across that way. ## @Kikigirl

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I am having some real deep seated comprehension issues @sestus2009, whatever shall I DO?!



You’re confused, he is confused, I am confused…

Meanwhile Funcom admins have a dart board that they blindly throw darts at and depending on what number it hits … will determine admin action at that point in time.

From banning the reporter, banning the offender, doing nothing at all/closing the ticket. Requesting more and more information and then just throwing the dart again.


Greetings Exiles!

We understand the guidelines aren’t optimal and we are still working on improving them. For this post specifically, we can say that @Kikigirl was perfect in their statement, which is valid for all Landmarks in-game regardless of the ruleset of the Official server:

For further account information or clarifications about the guidelines, please reach out to our Help center under “ban appeal”.

We will proceed to close this thread now since disciplinary action discussions don’t belong in the forum. Always use our Help center for clarifications, please.

Have a great week everyone! :slight_smile: