Why is tether distance even a thing

I hosted a CO-OP session for just me and my friends and we can’t even go that far away from each other.
I have no idea why a game would even force you to stay (near) the host.

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To not crash your computer , as you are the host , your computer would have to act like a real server plus a real client in order to let someone else generate more complex calculation ( generating IA for every wildlife/NPC the other people encounters , the physics of the wind on the trees and many more small things that would just overload your computer ) , on the other hand there is a lot of various ways to play conan with a friend , dedicated server ( if you feel like you can do it ) , private rented servers , and finally official or others people private servers …

I’m confident my pc can handle it, at least make it where you can increase it much more than 52k

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Keep in mind that they designed this game for consoles too. Allowing a console to run a listen server with full map AI and game logic calculations would reduce the framerate drastically since the hardware won’t be able to handle it.

And yes, they should’ve added an option to disable tethering for coop, so your coop game (aka listen server) will act like a dedicated server.

Host a dedicated server from your computer.


Because it is singleplayer.

If you want to play multiplayer, you need to use the dedicated server hardware. When you play in singpleplayer the map is only loaded so far. Hence the tether distance.

If this is true then use the dedicated server software. Its free under Steam Tools.

I think you’ve misunderstood - it is not being suggested that you rent a server, it is being suggested that you use the ‘dedicated server software’ (as Taemien notes, it is available free under steam tools, and the post Multigun directed you to covers the ‘how to’ part) - this will allow you to set up a server on your existing machine that you and your friend can then connect to (rather than having to use co-op mode which is the less resource intensive option, but uses tethering to help it remain less resource intensive).

I’m not tech savvy i downloaded the tool and launched it and it just says “close this window to shutdown the server” oh i see now nevermind i got it

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