Why is the devkit 147GB? Possible to get a raw/lite version?

Possibly a daft question, never modded unreal before.

Why is the devkit 147GB? I presume it includes all the raw models/textures so would it be possible (at some point) to get like a ‘lite’ version and only pull certain models? Or perhapse a bethesta style kit where you unpack models directly from the game.

It would certainly agree with my borderline dial-up connection.

Hi there,

The reason that the dev kit is so large for Conan Exiles because it includes all of the content and dev tools that do not appear in the full release (packaged) version of the game. It also includes the content from Unreal engine 4 which is a pretty large amount of content that is also not found in the packaged build of the game. At this time, I do not know of any version of the dev kit or any way to obtain the assets from the game.


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