Evolving the Conan Exiles Devkit

Continuing the discussion from The Conan Exiles Mod Devkit is evolving with Age of Sorcery!:

I would like to add some suggestions to this evolvings, which are indeed great:

  1. Please add support for modsizes greater than 2 GB
  2. Please give Modders more access to Siptah features (landscape, buildings and graphics)
  3. I would like to see more support for Mapmodding (Tutorials, Tools)

I’d rather see it capable of using the actual game install for data, instead of being an ungodly sized extra download.

I’d like to add that this is also valid for uncompressed mods. The 2 GB limit seems to be true for both uncompressed and compressed mods - Servers run havoc using a mod bigger than 2 GB from the mod workshop.
If that problems would be solved, I could release the Skelos Mods uncompressed and each update would be waaaaaaaay smaller. Due to that issues I am forced to use the compress-function and each update is a full-size one, forcing the players to download 1+ GB.

Oh… and please… get that caching / loading issue fixed for placeables with causes the “ItemData couldn’t be loaded” - bug which re-appeared after you had fixed it once. It’s my nemesis bug.


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