The 2.2 Devkit update is now available!

The 2.2 Devkit update is now available. HOWEVER! The 2.2 Update is still a work in progress build, but includes a few new big changes. We wanted to let you have a look at it and see how these new changes can benefit your current or future mods, and we wanted it available for you to test before the Christmas break.
So we found a good compromise.
Starting today, you will see in your EGS library a new Devkit product page, Conan Exiles Devkit Testlive.

PSA: Any mods created with this Devkit will NOT be compatible with the current live version of the game, but can be tested on Testlive!! So keep that in mind when preparing your mods!

We made the current version of the 2.2 Devkit available under that branch. To access it, and if you already own the Dev Kit on the Epic Game Store, you will now see a new product in your library. Download and open as per usual!

You’ll be able to get your hands on it and test it but keep in mind, this devkit goes hand in hand with the current game revision we have on Testlive, not with the current game build available live.

Check out the modding Discord for more info:



Just fix the damn servers already :slight_smile: almost all of them crashing every 10 minutes for exploits


We are planning to take down all our remaining vanilla Exile Lands, Siptah and Modded servers at Christmas because the players have given up & dropping Siptah for lack of content.

IF, we were to spin up a fresh map of Conan Exiles for this update, is this likely to happen before 2021?
Is there an ETA of the main release of 2.2 to live ?

Also @Spynosaur_Nicole - Why did I have my reward badge removed )x2) ? I have messaged you in the past with no reply.

We’ve not had any crashing issues for many months.

Pit, which badge? I’ve lost my Regular badge three times now and understand why. If that’s it, let me know, please.



Its was the “Spynosaur Super Star” and one other that I cant remember the name of?. Chosen of Asura or Hand of Mitra, whichever was least valuable. But its the “Spynosaur Super Star” which I held most dear.

Thats odd, i remember seeing you comment on some patch threads months ago without any asura’s chosen badge, not so sure about the spynossaur badge either. Was it a recent thing or its been a while?

I noticed them gone during the summer.

That does not mean problem does not exist. You probably played on PvE or prviate server.

I agree

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