Why is there no Inverted Awning?

The center of this image is unnatural without Inverted Awning.
Previously, two Awnings were stacked in different directions, but now they cannot be stacked.
I like the design, but I am very frustrated with this problem.
① Set Inverted Awning.
② Be able to overlap two Awnings.
Please enable either of these two proposals.

I like this game very much.
Thanks to the staff.
If you can solve this problem, you will like it more.

Thanking you in advance.


There are several inverted pieces missing, such as stairs (inverted corners), ramps, etc., and I had the same problem after the update that removed the ability to stack structures. Surely it wouldn’t take too much time to whip-up a few inverted building structures to fill these gaps. Another feature that I miss is the ability to place ceilings on top of foundations. When using foundations as large pillars, the top of the foundation can be seen on the roof, while the rest of the roof is made from ceiling tiles.

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If we don’t get inverted awnings and ramps and stair corners I’m gonna hold my breath until I pass out.


One could use the inverted roofpiece as a workaroud, hard to tell the differance once placed.

joins @BoogerParty in an oxygen deprivation demonstration :no_mouth::rofl:

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You can still stack everything, just need 2 very dedicated and coordinated persons to place the pieces at the same time. Building stacking it’s never going to end. They should just make it into an actual game mechanic, because it’s not going away anytime soon at their development pace.

That doesn’t work for single-player, and even mods don’t do the trick anymore.

You can still toggle a setting to allow overlapping in LPBR:

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Honestly there is A LOT of pieces we could use that we could use that would improve the quality of building in this game… I mean I k kw the majority just build giant boxes, but some of us do like to make things look like we put some thought into it. Funcom doesn’t seems to care much about that though if their last couple of build packs are any indication. Arena for example they left our standard pieces because “they didn’t feel they were necessary to be able to build”. :roll_eyes:


You can toggle the overlaps setting in ModControlPanel when using LBPR, and it lookg great until you logout. Then, when you log back in one piece will be missing, due to the “no overlaps” coding of the base game.


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