Why is there no iron on the volcano?

Why is there no iron on the volcano ??

As all other resourses dont exist on the hole map…cant have it all on one spot you know.

I just flew there everything, there is only obsidian

ok, its the so kall engame are, dont even know howe mutch you can build ther, just close bye.

You can build on a volcano.

well at least Volcano has its own resource ‘obsidian’

while Swamp has no single own resource other than different kind lotus flower and vines that can also be found in other regions…


Yes you can build, but in a limit way. Think the central parts will be resticted in some way.

But the swamp is a t2 are so to say. vilcano is the endgame are.

But alsi what i love about funcom is that you Always need low level resourses to do the endgame part…

no variety i mean. literally just everything that we’ve seen before…