No iron ore in new savannah biome?

I have now spent a few hours in the Savannah and have not found a single iron ore deposit. I did not stumble upon sulfur or crystal either. Is it wanted like that? If so, this biome offers no incentive to build a base there.
Has anyone found iron in the Savannah?

I don’t think the savannah is a starting zone. I mean take a look at this:

Ashlands seem to have resources though.
Near the forge of the first men there is brimstone and iron galore. Good luck surviving in that area.

It still doesn’t explain why the entire savannah area has only basic resources. Even in the noob river area we have coal and iron. In savannah, we have stone, wood and plant fiber. I don’t understand the design choice here either.

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Dev: hey we didn’t finish resources placement in new biome.
Dev: f*ck it.Drop it on test live.We will fix it later.

It’s the area in the game with the highest number of camps which means server overload. The resources must’ve been removed on purpose to discourage players to build there. That’s a good design decision.

From the 45 camps which were advertised in the patch notes as new additions, savanah has around 22, maybe more + areas for lion, elephant, rhinos, zebras, gorilas spawns. There are a few spots clear of spawns, where you can build a small/medium base, but then again, you don’t want more than 5 players to build in there, so the fact they removed resource seems the only reasonable explanation, design wise.

Let’s call Savanah the exploration area, because that’s what it is from the looks of it.

Hey @Dark_Overlord

We’ve sent your observation to the rest of the team to see if this is intended. Keep sending us any extra feedback about the new lands so we can keep tweaking them before the full launch!

Thanks for the feedback.

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