Why is this game Shunned so much by funcom?

Why doesn’t funcom put money into this game’s development? I’ve always thought this was a very unique and fun game, but having little to no support from the developers is whats making this game die. I’d also like to say that I don’t think the player base is dead, actually there seems to be alot of active players/guilds doing things. Its just a shame that they don’t anything new like quality of life upgrades or new group content.

Anyway I just wanted to post this cause I really like this game and its sad to see it on a sort of life support by the company that owns it instead of investing into it


They’ve obviously decided it’s not economically viable anymore

I have never had problems to find Players for chaos but now i do have. Even though the population maybe is not that bad, something wrong is going On. Either People do not need SC gems anymore or the population has decreased

Funcoms approach has always seemed to be to release a game, do minimum work on it fixing bugs & adding content and then milk any profits from it to fund their next game.

I’d say most of Age of Conan’s profits went into funding Conan Exiles and Conan Exiles are probably going into their new Dune game.

It’s a strange corporate mind set that’s for sure.

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The problem is that when they put money in it, they release garbage like kuth


They seem not to understand what they have. a little marketing and support would go a long way. I am afraid this unique and excellent game is no more than a line in a spreadsheet to the corporate masters.

Car companies don’t advertise a 13 year car, but they do support it.

It’s really the same concept.

If they had chosen a better update and profit model from the start, the game would be better than it is.

Yearly paid expansions and possibly free dlc elsewhere. The revenue would offset the cost of the engine updates and programmers, devs etc.

The games too far gone now and the few people that were heavily supporting it financially probably realized they were supporting exiles or dune.

Funcom as a company seems to be very behind in development of new games. Conan chop chop still says Early 2021

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Funcom isn’t even the developer on that game.

They’re the publisher.

Le jeu a toujours eu des bugs depuis sa release en 2008. Après y avoir passé plus de 6 ans non stop dessus, j’ai arrêté. J’ai adoré ce jeu et il me manque malheureusement le contenu et le graphisme ne suivent plus. Tarantia toujours aussi remplie de latence et j’en passe. Comme certains ont dit, ca ne vaut plus le coup d investir dedans mais je te conseil de te lancer dans un nouvel mmorpg dès sa sortie si tu veux en profiter pleinement :slight_smile:

What developer would want to develop for a community where the entire population are complete and utter ingrates who shlt on you at every opportunity?